Saturday, July 13, 2013

Miami Today Agrees With Me that Rebeca Sosa's Additions Were Sound. By Geniusofdespair

Michael Lewis said the County Commissioners are taking a practical approach to sea level change:
Miami-Dade commissioners last week took an environmentally and politically wise course in establishing a Sea Level Rise Task Force of six experts to determine potential impact of sea level change on the county and what we should do to prepare.
It was environmentally wise because we are already feeling impact of sea level rises in the form of seasonal flooding on the streets of Miami Beach and other communities. Whatever we might expect in the future, that unwelcome impact is already here.
It was politically wise because the measure's sponsor, Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa, included in revised legislation as a task force member Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin, an experienced political hand, a former commissioner who also has spearheaded environmental studies nationally and can deftly negotiate government's minefields to turn recommendations into action.
Here is where Rebeca Sosa is going to have to show her muscle: What to do with the report when it is finalized. Lewis says:
Now comes the hard part: gathering, assessing and acting decisively and thoughtfully on that input.
Too many Task Force reports end up on a shelf.


Anonymous said...

Rebeca's changes were good ones. Thank you Rebeca Sosa.

Anonymous said...

Lets see, sounds just like the muti-million dollar Watershed Study from years past. Wow maybe they can use some of the data from that study, no, need to pay a whole new host of consultant friends

rashed ashrafi said...

"Don't lock eyes with them don't do it, it puts them on edge. It might put them into berserker mode and they'll come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and tazers. You may be screaming no no no. But all they hear is “who wants a beatdown?"