Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Miami Dade County Chair Added to her Climate Change Task Force ... By Geniusofdespair

I do not know for sure if this passed, I couldn't find it in the minutes, I do know it was proposed by the Chair:

County Chair Rebeca Sosa disappoints me with Lynda Bell perks, see my other post today "Get Ready to Barf", and then she hits a home run in this post. She listened and gave Harvey Ruvin a major role in the Sea Level Rise Task Force. Harvey is now the 6th member of the Task Force. Best of all, Sosa added:

Harvey Ruvin shall ensure that the nominees are qualified to serve and that the nominees meet the criteria set forth in the section.

It appear that the nominees for the 5 slots can go directly to Harvey Ruvin and do not have to go through the County Commissioners although the County Commissioners will be sending in names (I might be wrong, it is how I understood what I read).

Get names to Harvey Ruvin and County Commissioners as soon as possible.

Thank you Rebeca Sosa for  giving Harvey Ruvin a role in this effort, I hope to God this supplement passed, I fear it hasn't. Don't know Harvey? "Check out his video "Maybe Just Maybe". Great guy.


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I sure hope this is true. Harvey would make this effort real in my eyes. And THANKS GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

I will never forgive Harvey for the crap he pulled with rejecting the signatures on petitions for Seijas recall. He came up with the most rediculous reason, even the judge would not buy it. He may be an environmentalist at heart but he can be manipulated/intimidated. I lost a lot of respect for him. He may do fine until some commissioner puts the screws to him then he will fold like a cheap suit.