Friday, July 05, 2013

SUGAR GROWERS: Liar Liar, Pants of Fire. By Geniusofdespair

On June 24th Gimleteye wrote "More Bullshit from Big Sugar." I had sent Gimleteye the post card I got from Big Sugar, touting their accomplishments, and Gimleteye wrote about it.  I got the post card because I am a registered Republican. I have since got other post cards from Big Sugar, my spouse has not received any. They are obviously campaigning for Rick Scott, his picture is on the post card.

Today in the Miami Herald the two environmentalists quoted on the post cards are saying: Not Fair.

They say the post cards only tell half the story:
Eikenberg, chief executive officer of the Everglades Foundation, also said the bill addresses only one part of restoration efforts — water quality — and is far from the “final phase.”

“To put out a flier and say we are in the final stage of restoration is disingenuous and it’s a typical tactic that the sugar industry plays,’’ Eikenberg said.

Even the head of Audubon, Eric Draper, who widely walks around me and averts his eyes when he sees me, ever since I said in 2007 that he was "green washing" for touting St. Joe airport:
Draper said the flier tells only “half of the story.”
Curtis Morgan goes on to report:
"The industry has significantly reduced its use of the damaging nutrient phosphorus, which harms native vegetation, but environmentalists contend farms should do more to reduce the volume of pollution that wash off fields after storms into South Florida’s canal system. They also argue that South Florida taxpayers, not the industry, have been stuck with the bulk of the clean-up costs through property taxes that support the South Florida Water Management District, which is managing the clean-up."

The offending post card, I since was mailed a second one. The card was sent to Republicans. I think this is the beginning of big  sugar campaigning for RICK SCOTT. They couldn't give a damn on how we feel about them otherwise.
Back of the stupid big sugar post card, both environmentalists quoted take issue with the post card, thankfully as I thought them both total idiots for their quotes. Note Rick Scott is pictured.


Anonymous said...

I received the direct mail pieces from Big Sugar and I was insulted. I thought the ads had out and out lies and I was insulted Big Sugar was using profits from overcharging the public for sugar to manipulate public opinion.

Geniusofdespair said...

Why do you think you were targeted? They are sending only to TARGETED groups. Is it because you are a Republican?

Anonymous said...

Not just Republicans are getting it, we are all registered Democrats in my household and we receive 2 postcards.