Friday, July 05, 2013

Lennar makes a purchase. By Geniusofdespair

According to the South Florida Business Journal: Lennar just bought 69 home sites in Princeton from MB Holdings (Wayne Rosen). SE corner of SW 240 Street and SW 117 Avenue.
Goodbye land, hello subdivision (approximate area)


Anonymous said...

Was Donna Bateman the exclusive agent or does she just represent Wayne when he buys land and needs a sewage pumping station? According to Mayor Steve these relationships have no conflict, are a farce and the press is making it up.

elevenhorses said...

Great Destroyers.

Anonymous said...

They are all Great Destroyers. Shame on the Herald for not taking this view.

Anonymous said...

Urban Infill. Why doesn't Lennar invest in the thousands of empty lots dotting the inner city?

Anonymous said...

That's adjacent to their Silver Palms subdivision in Princeton. It is just south of Cutler Bay and west of the Turnpike. This is way north of Homestead.

I'm no fan of Lenar, but that area is infill. Its 5 minutes from US1 and the Busway and 5 minutes from the Turnpike. There are half-a-dozen new schools both public and charter in the area.

if not there, where?