Friday, July 26, 2013

Interesting ECO's. By Geniusofdespair

An ECO is an Electioneering Communication Organization.

We the People! ECO raised an alarming $108,650. I find it interesting that they say that they are supporting and opposing County Commission candidates. Which ones?? Carlos Trueba is an Accountant in Doral and his is the only name on the qualifying papers.

Shoma Homes, 50 State Security, Asset Recovery Collection, LLC  and 8080 West Flagler, Inc. (Raymond Gonzalez) are all big donors. Wayne Rosen and his companies are also donors on this ECO.

Ernesto Martinez, Jr. is in Control of the ECO Miami Dade County Working With You. He is the Chairman and Treasurer. This one has raised $109,950.

Remember, this money is in ADDITION to what the candidates raise. They have no control over how it is spent (wink, wink). What do all these ECO donations mean for us the voters? It means we are fucked. Money is hidden everywhere. We will never be able to make heads or tails of campaign financing.

The only control you have to combat money and get the right candidate in is to go door-to-door in your neighborhood and call all your friends and have them call all their friends. Use email and Facebook to help your candidate win.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Ernesto ran for office in south Dade several times and is an attorney.

Anonymous said...

What is the point we will never get a good candidate to support.