Saturday, July 27, 2013

False Prophets in Miami? You bet! By Geniusofdespair

Although not mentioned in the article, someone should read Daniel Shoer Roth's column to Guillermo Maldonado who lives in a lavish home while preaching to a flock of hard working people:
Both believers and nonbelievers react critically when religion spawns a business. A life of consecration, embodying the virtues of genuine prophets, does not seem to fit the lavish lifestyles enjoyed by some pastors of multiple denominations. 
Shoer Roth did single out the Christian Family Coalition Pastor Rev. Julio Epifanio Perez, who we recently wrote about:
Apparently, this pastor of the local politicians does not practice the apostolic ministry from the pulpit, although he claims to have been the cornerstone of temples and community centers. Since 2010, his services — not religious but as a campaign adviser — netted him almost $50,000, according to public records.

Raising the flag of faith to do politics is not the same as preaching from a life of faith. Obviously, when it comes to Hialeah politics, one has to submerge faith in disbelief.

The false prophets claim that they speak in the name of God but are not connected with the Creator. They call for a moral conduct but don’t behave as they preach. They quote the Scriptures accurately enough but remove them from their context as a means to profit.

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