Monday, June 24, 2013

WTF? I was watching the Miami Heat victory parade and guess who was there? Friggin' Ron Book. By Geniusofdespair

Chris Anderson enjoying the crowd.

Yes it was Lobbyist Ron Book riding on Erik Spoelstra's bus, now how did he get there?

Erik Spolestra front, Ron Book left (arrow).
That friggin' guy has his dirty fingers everywhere.

Someone else with some bucks to hire a plane has a beef with Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Flying over the crowds was a banner saying "Put the Heat on Mayor Gimenez." And a second plane had a banner saying "Heat Champs. Gimenez Chump." They had a third banner saying "Lebron for Mayor." So who is it with a lot money that is after Mayor Carlos Gimenez? I thought they all liked him.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to save money by not going to the Heat.

Anonymous said...

Of course he is on board...Arison is coming for another surge of tourist tax dollars to upgrade the Arena.

Book will be lobbying the Commission with his pal, Jorge Luis Lopez...and the entire Gimenez European Vacation contingency.

Anonymous said...

I thought I knew that mug. Yuk! Poor Spo must hate having to hang with people like that.

Anonymous said...

The whole state is for sale.

Political student said...

Oh. Really. What is with the mayor slot in this county? It just gets worse.

Anonymous said...

Micky Arison would rather give some of his $5.6 BILLION net worth to sleazy lobbyists then pay rent to the owners of the AAA site, the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I could not believe my eyes seeing Bookie on the float. I knew those politicians would be waving and turning my stomach. I tried not to let them spoil my day. Arison you are not and should not do this to the team. Erik S. I felt so sorry for you. The CAT is out of the bag.
I would vote for any member of the HEAT as mayor. Let the HEAT PLAYERS run in all the Districts especially 8. Mr. Birdman for Mayor.
Lynda Bell affects all the Districts because she does not remain in 8 with those folks. She meddles in my district which is 6.

Anonymous said...

Now Micky Arison can either start paying rent on the AAA Arena or he can pay more lobbyists and elected officials to keep screwing the taxpayers.