Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rebeca Sosa Doing a Good Thing...Almost. By Geniusofdespair

Miami Dade County Commission Chair Rebeca Sosa is proposing a Sea Level Rise Task Force:

We all know these Task Force reports never go anywhere except when the County Commission needs cover for something stupid they are doing.  However, this could be a good thing depending who is on this task force and whether Sosa is serious about positive change and puts her full weight behind a fair report.  My question would be, why isn't there someone who served on the Climate Change Task Force on it? Maybe a 6th member is needed. It seems weighted to assure a certain outcome that will keep the ostrich head in the sand.

Anyway, in light of the devastating Rolling Stone's article "Goodbye Miami", I applaud Rebeca Sosa's efforts. But I do question her 5 member criteria.  The County Commissioners are going to nominate the experts...well that is a disappointment right there. Some of them wouldn't know an expert if it slapped them in the face.  Why not let Harvey Ruvin put together the Task Force if we want it real.  At the very least, Ruvin should be on it.

Thank you Rebeca, MAYBE.


Anonymous said...

They will put some pseudo scientist on from FIU, some real estate guy that believes it will make development more expensive IF ANYTHING is done so he/she will be an obstructionist, the economist will be someone like Andy Dokart that can make number work for any scenario, the civil engineer will be some recycled DERM engineer that went out on his own, I have two in mind.

How about Keith and Schnars for that slot? They have worked for Miami on many projects and at least they are honest.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Harvey Ruvin making the nominations. While this may be a report that goes nowhere - it is a step in the right direction. The compostion of the group is really important - get some (more than one) credible scientists on it. I think Harvey Ruvin would be more than able to select a good group.

Anonymous said...

I am going to wait and see who will be a member. Mrs. Sosa. Let's put the integrity and honesty for once on this task force.
Yes, these task force usually have people with the same ideology as the BCC. Then the BCC will say the task force said.....>>Just keep it HONEST AND WITHOUT GREED AND CORRUPTION FOR ONCE.
I love the idea of Harvey Rubin making the nominations and assisting Mrs. Sosa. Just keep that Lynda Bell outside the loop and your task force will have success and so will you.

Less is More said...

If she appoints Lennar's CEO Stewart Miller for the "economics" angle, we'll KNOW we're in trouble... or any developer or investor!

Anonymous said...

I am with GoD...give Rebecca the benefit of the doubt. This may be a real effort to understand what this community is up against.

Send a list of qualified candidates that you know are capable of furnishing sincere, credible and defensible recommendations to the Commission - strong positions that will not be ignored.

If you fail to submit names...the Mayor will furnish an extensive list of political operatives who concur with his policy of climate change denial.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the conversation is getting some traction. I want to believe that the Chairwoman is doing this because the future is inevitable and she might as well get in front of this thing and show some leadership.

I don't mind having an economist on it (a competent one) to help show what inaction would cost.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone could have done a story about the Delmarva Peninsula being underwater but nobody would have read it. Say Miami and it gets attention.
The entire eastern seaboard's coastal areas are threatened not just Miami. This Sosa led task force is a feelgood p/c effort.
They are better off handing out masks and snorkels and franchising gondolas.

Anonymous said...

Miami is different than the rest of the Atlantic coast it is built on limestone. This adds to the problem. Rebecca is doing a very good thing, showing some much needed leadership.

Anonymous said...

Take another look at the South Dade Watershed Study, that Seijas and the builders killed. There's a ton of data and science, but no one's holding their breath in this game of musical chairs. Guess who will get left without a seat? The taxpayer.

Fiona said...

Rebeca might turn out to be one of our best chairs except for her major misstep supporting Bell who at every turn tries to steal Sosa's thunder

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Sosa has allowed Lynda Bell to undermine her leadership. Mrs. Sosa move in now to regain your chairmanship. Otherwise, Lynda Bell will continue to weaken you. We are all looking to you to guide the citizen of Miami Dade County.
I am surprise that you would even nominate Lynda Bell as your vice chair. When Mrs. Heyman was your alternative. Wise up before you get kicked below the waistline like her other friends. Yes, Lynda Bell kicked and destroyed many friends and now has gone countywide
and you are countywide.