Sunday, June 16, 2013

Read the Straw Buyer Today. Geniusofdespair

Amazing post in the Straw Buyer about the Ethics Committee the Al Crespo video at the ethics meeting. You really have to know readers, a lot goes on in the hallways and Al Crespo knows that. He confronted Michael Murawski (in Ethics Enforcement) and others in the hallway:

Murawski: "Well we'll go someplace that's not public."

That sucks.  Read it...


Youbetcha' said...

Nice. Nitwits in action.... There is no room for corruption in the police or judiciary ..... Not the perception of corruption is a good thing in the ethics commission or any other watchdog agency. Heck. We don't need corruption anywhere in the public life. Or nonprofits or businesses or our religious entities... Did we all become corrupt?

Anonymous said...
FBI Contact
Miami Office
16320 NW 2nd Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33169
Phone: (305) 944-9101
Fax: (305) 787-6538
Our Priorities

The FBI focuses on threats that challenge the foundations of American society or involve dangers too large or complex for any local or state authority to handle alone. In executing the following priorities, the FBI—as both a national security and law enforcement organization—will produce and use intelligence to protect the nation from threats and to bring to justice those who violate the law.

4. Combat public corruption at all levels

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great that the Straw Buyer and Al Crespo are fighting to protect the public. Where is the Miami Herald?

Gifted said...


Anonymous said...

StrawBuyer & Crespo were there, with cameras at the ready. Nuevo Herald had one reporter there who was looking the wrong direction. Herald cub reporter showed up late and missed the action.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald ie the Doral Herald is a shadow of its former self. But seriously, can't the Herald even grab the low hanging fruit?