Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Political Beauty Contest by Eye On Miami: why it is appropriate ... by gimleteye

Eye On Miami's political beauty contest is not a joke. If we were billionaires, we would build a sports stadium; an arena to distract the public.

As the United States has shown, providing entertainments is as important today as two thousand years ago in the Roman empire.

Lacking funds, an online pageant perfectly fits our time and interest as bloggers. We try the serious route to readers' attention but we don't count on it.

Where substance lets us down, digital imagery holds us up. Our goal might be mis-interpreted. We really do care that elected officials should have the knowledge, preparation, and skills to build, fund and implement policies and programs that protect taxpayers. We do care that civilization does not descend back to savagery.

Along that line, when reality intervenes, we pray to Gods. We set our religions and beliefs against each other. When the Gods do not answer, except for silence; what then? Look good. Smart suits and lapel flags, three hundred dollar haircuts and botox, these investments are a small price to maintain the appearance that elected officials really care the next generations have the same opportunities ours have had.

The unalloyed reality is that we are more talented, by far, at making messes than cleaning up. Who looks the best, trying? You decide.


Geniusofdespair said...

I like this blog post! Some of my posts are light hearted but I try to engage readers any way I can and my contests do bring in new reader. My lobbyist beauty contest was a big success and it did what I wanted it to: help people recognize lobbyists who like to lurk in the shadows.

Many politicians do get elected on their looks, Erik Fresen being one example. Is this so different?

Anonymous said...

Politicians like to distract the public. There are real problems like corruption, massively overpaid public sector employees and too many low IQ elected officials and staffers making dumb decisions.

Anonymous said...

# 2 BY FAR