Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melissa Sanchez at El Nuevo Herald Rocks! By Geniusofdespair

I did a long drawn out investigation on The Christian Family Coalition headquarters in two posts. It was both an amusing and suspicious blog post. I found it odd that the group was headquartered in a municipal building surrounded by County offices. It had some great quotes from the County.

Melissa Sanchez, reporter for El Nuevo Herald, has ferreted out what is actually going on in the Christian Family Coalition headquarters. She took my post (and mentioned it - thank you) and went further producing a really good report.

Do not miss her article about these good Christians! If you read spanish, here it is today. English tomorrow maybe?

There are kernels of bigger stories every day on our blog. We just present the information. An ace reporter can make the connections and get the goods. Some reporters can see that, others thumb their noses at bloggers. Their loss.


Anonymous said...

The El Nuevo Herald but the Miami Herald to shame. Enrique and Melissa are on top of their game.

Anonymous said...

English version?