Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Genting to Barge Gamblers Over to Bimini and County Commissioner Lynda Bell is Helping Them Do It. By Geniusofdespair

Genting's  land/sea cruise ship ready to go.

According to the Miami Herald Genting Casinos:
The Malaysian company is preparing to launch a small cruise ship capable of whisking more than 1,500 passengers from Port Miami to its new casino two hours away in Bimini.
 A draft port agreement posted Tuesday night on the county’s website outlined the deal. Genting will pay about $11 million upfront to fund the county’s refurbishment of Terminal H for the new ship, and then be reimbursed in the form of rent credits for the construction cost. The agreement, to be voted on by the County Commission next month, calls for Genting to pay the port about $7 million yearly in rent.

Why not just put the ship near their property by the former Miami Herald property? If I were Genting Company I would insist on building a big dock blocking the port turning basin. Why not?

And, Lynda Bell, a Girl for all Seasons, is in the picture big-time:

Genting executives had initial talks with port executives and county commissioners Audrey Edmonson and Lynda Bell, who heads the committee that oversees the port, during an April meeting in Singapore.

This actually sounds like a boondoggle in the making. I don't think anyone is going 4 hours round-trip to go gamble. I guess they could start gambling on the boat but then why go to Bimini at all? If they decide to do this dumb project, GOOD. Let them gamble anywhere except on our waterfront.

Genting will be paying around $20 million to open Resorts World Bimini Bay on the existing site of Bimini Bay Resort and Marina, so the rumor says.


Anonymous said...

i know a thing or two about boating and waters by the Herald - no way that thing would fit anywhere other than at either one of the ports

Anonymous said...

Large hydrofoils are used all over the world. It would be fitting for gamblers to load up at the former site of the Miami Herald since the Herald substantially supported the risk takers who screwed South Florida's landscape and quality of life. It's just business.

Anonymous said...

Y'all know how badly the 55 and older crowd want to throw away their disposable income in another country.

Another Honey Boo Boo Bell shit show.

David said...

This proposal will NOT bring incremental revenue into the local economy rather it will do just the opposite.

When tourists come here they have a fixed amount of expendable money same holds true of locals (that is economics 101 people!!) They have certain amount of their income that is "disposable" for leisure activities. Doesn't matter to economy what you spend it on: movies ,restaurants , sports shopping ,theater etc as long as it is spent here.

The Genting cruise ship proposal will divert/cannibalize the local economy by having that disposable income spent in Bimini NOT here.

Unless Genting will be bringing back incremental tourists and locals from Bimini (like that will every happen) that will spend amount comparable to what our tourists and locals spend there this proposal will result in a net loss to local economy.

If I were a local tourism official or elected official from the beach, a pari-mutual, or native american casino, this would give me grave concern.

Genting will NOT attract additional tourists to take a "four hour cruise " on their version of the minnow but rather tap into the tourists who are already here to say nothing of the locals. Bottom line net economic loss to the local economy.

Our local officials too in bed with Genting to cast a critical eye.

Anonymous said...

Genting is very smart. They will tout numbers in a year or two about how many people are going to Bimini when they could be staying here if there was gambling in Miami. This is all about pushing for gambling in Miami and Lynda is going to earn her keep by finding ways to make that happen.

Anonymous said...

Genting's goal is to take as much money as possible from Miami-Dade residents and tourists and send the money to the Far East.

Confucius Say said...

Funny how people who always talk about freedom and equality when it comes to adults doing what they want with their privates are such Talibans when it comes to letting them do what they want with their money.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Lynda Bell to be involved in a scandal! She's got so many, can't even count 'em on fingers and toes! Ashamed that she is actually a County Commissioner now! Miami Dade, please wake up!!! She left Homestead in ruin, what's next????