Monday, June 24, 2013

Bad MDX Board Members. By Geniusofdespair

Roll Back Tolls says: "Meet the MDX directors that did not listen to 7 state representatives, 5 county commissioners, 5 city mayors and over 20 people that spoke at the MDX public hearing." I already know Gonzalo Sanabria.

There are a lot of people angry about the toll raising rascals
...not me. I don't go South very much.


Anonymous said...

How did they get there? Who appointed them? Are there any women on this board? What they have done to Miami Dade County is a disgrace, and that was before the toll increase.

Anonymous said...

No women, no African Americans. Looks like the people that decide on women's healthcare issues.

Anonymous said...

Ferre's folly.

Anonymous said...

Another bunch of old tired men that probably has someone to drive for them at minimum wage or worst an immigrant trying to make a living for their family. Yet these clowns up the tolls for us working smuts. Against everyone's wishes. Even the county commissioners. I have never seen a tax they did not like. I guess it was nothing in it for them. This is a disgrace and shame! Thank You GENIUS for keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

5/7 Hispanic & 2/7 Anglo. No women & no blacks -- in 2013?

This is a social and political disgrace.

Boycott the expressways and use US1.

Anonymous said...

Ferre drove Maule Industries into bankruptcy.

Now he's pushing MDX drivers into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Ferre is almost 80, isn't he? Nobody should ever vote for a 50% plus fee increase.

Candy said...

Isn't Robert Holland African American ',

Anonymous said...

This is NOT the entire Board. There are 13 people on the board. Pictured here are the 7 who voted to increase the tolls. In addition, the following are MDX board members who voted TO NOT INCREASE TOLLS:

1. Shelly Smith Fano,MDX Vice-Chair (Mother of Public Appraiser Carlos López-Cantera)

2. Gus Pego, P.E.
District Six Secretary, FL DOT

3. Maritza Gutiérrez, Pres. Creative Ideas Advertising, Inc. (wife of lobbyist Armando Gutiérrez)

4. José M. Hevia Pres.
Aligned Properties

5. Felix Lasarte, Esq.
The Lasarte Law Firm

6. Louis V. Martínez, Esq.
Louis V. Martínez, P.A.

Of the 13 members, 12 are non-paid local business and civic leaders. The 13th member is the FL DOT District 6 Secretary, who serves as an ex-officio MDX board member. Of the 12 volunteers, FL Gov appoints 5 and the M-D Board of County Commissioners appoints the remaining 7 members.

Youbetcha' said...

This is awful. There are no real people on this group?

I sat in a homestead restaurant today and listened a young girl tell a tourist that homestead is a cheap location to live in, but you have to drive north to find a job if you have a college degree. This young lady was at work at dairy queen and also works at panera so that she has a full time schedule. She also said that she was in college and fully expected to have to work in the north end of the county.

Why aren't people like that young lady, a future road user a part of the conversation?

Anonymous said...

Felix Lasarte is lobbyist i.e. bagman, for the outdoor advertising industry. Felix Lasarte wants more billboards on all roads.

RollBackTolls said...

The Gang of Seven wiped the bottom of their shoes with elected officials and the public. The same seven board members that voted for the increase on March 19th, voted against the slightly lower .60 cent option. They could have done 85% of their project "wish list" with the lower toll option. This is tollation, tolling without representation and we must all take a stand against it. We should have more of a say on how our toll dollars are spent. Correction on previous post by Anonymous, June 24th; Jose Hevia voted FOR the toll increase. Rick Rodriguez Pina, voted against the toll increase.

rcompte0007 said...

Interesting to note, they also voted to give a raise to one of their members, a year withdrawn from the 2008 economic crisis.

Mind you he was already making 144K then. I wonder what executive director Rodriguez makes today???