Friday, May 17, 2013

The Miami Herald Shows a Bias in North Miami Election. By Geniusofdespair

Kevin Burns was the lead vote getter.
It happened twice so now I have to address it. The Miami Herald reported the mayoral results on Wednesday, describing Tondreau FIRST, even though she finished second. In the other two races, The Herald “conformed” to customary tradition and practice: preliminary winner named first, with numbers, and runner-up reported second.

Why is Tondreau getting top billing?  It happened again in Thursday's edition. Nadege Green wrote:
"The two top vote-getters, Lucie Tondreau and Kevin Burns, will head to a runoff..."
As I reported, Kevin Burns got 2,254 votes (33.22%) and Lucie got 1,870 (27.56%). He should have been mentioned first in both articles. Because he was mentioned second his photo was also second.  The Miami Herald has got to do a better job.  I now believe the reporter has a clear preference of who she wants to win.  I don't think she has done a good job with reporting on what goes on with "helpers" in the Haitian community that go in the voting booth with voters to assist. Are these family members assisting or political operatives? Poll workers in North Miami must come forward. Penny Townsley, can you ask the poll workers if everything is kosher?

Everyone figures out a way to steal votes. We have to be one step ahead of them with fixes.


Anonymous said...

Now that the Herald is in Doral, some of those lazy reporters will never leave the office because they are too far from everything.

Stephanie Kienzle said...

I've never known Nadege to show bias in the past, but now that you brought this up, it does appear that way. You have a very keen Eye on Miami!

miaexile said...

Frankly, I could do without all the human noise and hoopla surrounding the precincts on election day. It can be very intimidating to older voters ( my neighbor is 95 and very active but she now refuses to go to the polls on election day because of the crowds that can corner you ). People can come running up to you as you park your car, very in your face. As for the bias in the Herald, clearly the Herald is hoping for the Swerdlow candidate to win so the Herald can see some ad revenue out of the horrible community Swerdlow is about to develop in Biscayne Landing. I mean, after those 2 god forsaken UGLY towers he built, one can only imagine the mess about to be unleashed on top of the toxic waste site.

Anonymous said...

I would propose that Kevin Burns might not be the Front Runner.

In crowded primaries, where an incumbent (or in Burns case a former, but known none the less) candidate finishes first, but can't close it out, they are in the worst seat possible.

All the other candidates and their supporters are more likely to get together and win.

Remember, Gimenez was 2nd after the primaries and Manny Diaz was 2nd after his respective primary.

I would say Burns is as much a target as he is a frontrunner.


Ed said...

I went to vote early today and these so called helpers are telling voters who to vote for in creole that's a form of intimidation.

Anonymous said...

I have interviewed several Haitians in N.Miami and they admit Lucie Tondreau has no experience but they are voting for her because she is Haitian.