Monday, May 06, 2013

Rock and Roll at Greynolds Park May 5th. By Geniusofdespair

We waited to see Grand Funk Railroad at the Greynolds Park 10th Annual Love-in. By 3 pm, having listened to 2 other bands, we got tired of waiting and left. The time between bands was too long. Funny, we did that 2 years ago too. We never heard Jefferson Star Ship.

Two years ago it was free. This year it was $20 a head. Hardly worth sitting in the sun for hours. If you go with one teenager it cost you $60.  Maybe I should bring a chair next time and I would like it better.  People seemed happy so I guess it was worth it to most of the crowd.  Sally Heyman: This is your district. Everyone who lives in Miami Dade County should get in for $10.00. Most of the people attending were from Broward so you will still make a bundle for the park. Going from free to cost prohibitive is a stretch. And making bathroom access an incentive to buy VIP tickets is disgraceful Miami Dade Parks Department. They had a little picket fence around the VIP area. It didn't look inviting to me.

VIP cost $45 in advance $50 day of event.  WHAT?? Look at tent in the first photo. It was a joke.

This is a two minute video so you can get a feel for the event.


Anonymous said...

I Left. Too expensive.

Anonymous said...

This used to be a free event sponsored by the parks. But residents don't want to pay for government services anymore, so the Parks staff and budget got gutted and now the only way to have events is "public private partnerships" like this.
For all of you who think the private sector does things better, enjoy your VIP tickets to use the bathrooms.