Friday, May 03, 2013

North Miami Election: Quick Look at Financial Disclosure Reports for Mayor. By Geniusofdespair

North Miami election day is May 14th.

Rodney Barreto, Lexus of North Miami and Bob Levy gave to Gwendolyn Boyd. Barreto was a cop too if I remember correctly. Boyd also got money from law enforcement personnel. Boyd raised $51,830 as of 4/5/13.  She did give herself a loan of at least $7,540.

Lucie Tondreau has raised $33,925. She got money from Herman Eschevarria, DR International Consultants, Landmark Companies, Rosal Holdings (same address as Landmark) and  Greenberg Traurig. I expect some money from Swerdlow to come in for her.

Kevin Burns has raised $20,648. He got money from sanitation companies, Tony Crapp, Lexus of North Miami, Jimmy Tate,  Keystone Center Partnership.  He is charging his campaign for gas? Lots of gas. In my opinion, too much gas. Come on Kevin. That doesn't fly, quite honestly it is ridiculous.  Kevin got money from two local activists I recognized, Sarah Leviten and Carol Preger.

Joseph Smith has raised $156,610.   I did see at least $80,000 in loans. Didn't see any special interests except some medical.

There are other candidates.


Anonymous said...

Landmark must have a deal with Swerdlow to do an industrial park or something, like they are doing in that residential neighborhood in Monestime's district.

Anonymous said...

The money that drives elections in North Miami is the money you can't see. It will run through radio stations and unidentified AB operations never tied to a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Rodney was indeed a City of Miami police officer. Fact.

Anonymous said...

N. Miami sure appears corrupt.