Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North Miami 2013 Election Results. By Geniusofdespair


Tondreau - 55%

Keys - 61%
Bien-Aime - 67%

The North Miami ELECTION RESULTS (5/14/2013):

The North Miami ELECTION RESULTS: Run-offs in all 3 seats...
Burns - 33%
Tondreau - 27%

Keys - 49%
Irvin - 26%

Bien-Aime - 44%
Despinosse - 27%

There was a 24.34% voter turnout.

Here are some pictures today from the Gwen Margolis Center in North Miami.

The guy on the right in Kevin Burns. He was the Mayor once. He is trying again.
More supporters than voters...


Anonymous said...

I hope Kevin Burns wins. He has government experience and he has experience running a business.
N. Miami does not need more chaos.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Burns is proven to standup against corruption and protected North Miami tax payers for 2 terms in the past...that is what we need again!
Lucie Tondreau works for Michael Swerdlow who continues to swindle North Miami residents with the whole Biscayne Landing mess! If she is elected in the runoff then we will continue to get used and abused as taxpayers!

Anonymous said...
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Geniusofdespair said...

Reader's we aren't going to personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

The residents of North Miami need to get out and vote for Kevin Burns on June 4th. Less than 25% of the registered voters turned out. What are we going to do to ensure Kevin Burns WINS?!

Arty said...

kevin burns! oh please. go a quick google or public records search, then let's talk. doesn't anyone remember when he ran against gwen margolis and the mail pieces she sent out about his financial troubles?

creditors, judgments galore.

since then, he's been busy as a lobbyist. represented a couple of strip clubs.

not much of a choice for NM mayor. i wish it weren't so, but it's the truth.

Northerner said...

If Lucy Tondreau is working for the Biscayne Landing developer, Michael Swerdlow, then burns is the best choice. Swerdlow ran the city under Celestin. It was dark days for our city.

Geniusofdespair said...

I concur if Swerdlow is in the mix. Then Lucy is a no go for me.

Anonymous said...

Swerdlow ruined N. Miami as he made a fortune for himself. He influenced weak politicians to give him a sweet heart deal on Biscayne Landing, then he sold at the top of the market to several out-of-town fools and now Swerdlow is back wanting another bite of the apple. Hasn't Lucie Tondreau been on Swerdlow's payroll? Contributions galore?

Madeline said...

Blacks/Haitians outnumber the whites in North Miami. Burns will lose the runoff. You will never see another white mayor in North Miami again. Move away if you don't like it.

Gayle said...

Not true. Blacks don't automatically vote with Haitians nor do Hispanics. This is simply a get out the vote campaign. Whomever does the best at that will win. The question is how many in each group are registered voters who actually vote.

Arty said...

oh, like burns and swerdlow arren't in constant contact. and like burns has refused swerdlow money.

yeah, right. funny.

Skrumpshuz said...

To Madeline:
I really hope that the majority of the voters aren't as ignorant as you. I hope they vote on what is best for them and not based on skin color. Besides, Guess what?? White Hispanics are moving into North Miami by the boatload lol, we are taking over your city...so maybe you should get out if you don't like it!!