Saturday, April 20, 2013

WLRN, why no archive feature? ... by gimleteye

On April 1st, WLRN aired a "Miami Marlins Roundtable" featuring Norman Braman, the most eloquent critic of the deal saddling taxpayers, ultimately, with $2 billion in financing costs. I've searched in vain for a link to that program, that included the best analysis and conversation about the deal. Why doesn't WLRN have an easy-to-access archive? I mean, it's not like Friends of WLRN doesn't have the money ... they do. And now apparently, breaking records for recognition.


Anonymous said...

You raise a good point ... that leads to a further question: the alliance between public radio and a for-profit, cratering newspaper: the Miami Herald.
This partnership can't paper over the weakness of the station in offering critical analysis. Talk about being less than the sum of the parts.

Earl said...

Because they are lazy.

Anonymous said...

You do have to search for this, but I found a link to the program on WLRN's website pretty easily. Voila: