Thursday, April 18, 2013

The U.S. Senators That Voted No on Background Checks for Gun Buyers. By Geniusofdespair

Marco Rubio Voted NO

Also see From Slate: Why do Republicans love Background Checks for Immigrants, But Not For Gun Buyers?

Report from Themoderatevoice: Here are the 46 Senators who voted against the bill. As noted here at TMV, Harry Reid’s “no” vote was pro forma/procedural allowing for bringing the bill forward again with mods/ or very close to original.

I wanted to see how the regions played out, and so grouped them here for you by my sights re regions of the USA, said Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes Managing Editor of TMV:

Bob Corker R TN
Lamar Alexander R TN
***Mark Begich D AK
John Boozman R AR
Richard M. Burr R NC
Saxby Chambliss R GA
Tom Coburn R OK
Thad Cochran R MS
John Cornyn R TX
Ted Cruz R TX
Lindsey Graham R SC
David Vitter R LA
Roger Wicker R MS
Mitch McConnell R KY
Lisa Murkowski R AK
Rand Paul R KY
Johnny Isakson R GA
Lisa Murkowski R AK
Rand Paul R KY
Marco Rubio R FL
Tim Scott R SC
Jeff Sessions R AL
Richard Shelby R AL
James M. Inhofe R OK
Mitch McConnell R KY
*** Mark Pryor D AR

Jerry Moran R KS
Pat Roberts R KS
Jerry Moran R KS
Roy Blunt R MO
Daniel Coats R IN
Chuck Grassley R IA
Ron Johnson R WIsc
Rob Portman R OH

Kelly Ayotte R NHampshire

John Barrasso R WY
*** Max Baucus D MT
Michael Crapo R IDaho
Michael B. Enzi R WY
Deb Fischer R NEb
Heidi Heitkamp D NDakota
John Hoeven R ND
Mike Johanns R NE
John Thune R SD
Jim Risch R ID

Jeff Flake R AZ
Orrin G. Hatch R UTah
Dean Heller R NeVada
Mike Lee R UTah
***Harry Reid* D NV


Anonymous said...

The radical right has seized the GOP by the throat. I'm not saying the Democrats are great: they're not. But the right is a much greater threat to the nation. Vote the GOP out, as often as you can.

That's A Fact, Jack said...

This is going to make for some great commercials for the upcoming elections: "Who voted to keep firearms in the hands of the mentally disturbed and psychotic?"

90% of Americans wanted this. When is Marco Rubio and the rest of these NRA whores going to start representing us instead of the 10% of citizens who put their ideology before their country?

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio. Wow. What a disappointment.

Grillo said...

I didn't vote for Marco Rubio nor will I EVER vote for him. His conduct is not surprising and very predictable. One only has to look at his record in the Florida Legislature.

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio and associates would not be allowed to carry guns if mentally disturbed, psychopaths and criminals were to be given background checks.

Anonymous said...

What about the Dems that voted against the bill? Are the mentally disturbed psychopaths also?

Chauncey said...

Thanks for publishing the list of these great Americans who protected our Constitutional rights.

God bless them and the USA!

Geniusofdespair said...


Anonymous said...

I think the reading of the constitution has been bastardized and commercialized to benefit gun manufacturers and the judicial/prison industrial complex, lobbied by the NRA. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" Anyone who wants to carry high powered weapons should become member of a "well regulated militia" and keep those guns at the barracks of their chosen militia. One person who collects deadly weapons and ammunition does not constitute "a well regulated militia" and the NRA is not "a well regulated militia" is it?

Manny said...

Why is it that you would oppose any restrictions on the first amendment but welcome them on the second amendment?

miaexile said...

democrat or republican, doesn't matter, this vote pulled back the curtain on those who are only interested in their re-election. i have to laugh whenever I see a comment remarking surprise on how Rubio voted. are you friggin kidding me? Rubio is their to do the bidding of those who are going to help him climb as high as he can. Rubio is as pure a whore as they come..

Anonymous said...

The numbers voting against do not add up to 46. The Alaska senator is listed twice from the south? Get a better list.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because freedom of speech and religion are based on ideas and thought. The 1st also says people have the right to "peaceably" assemble to peition for redress.
The 2nd gives the right to own a mechanical device.
When the 2nd amendment was written, they probably didn't have any notion that 230 years later there were going to be high powered, high capacity assault weapons.
They also therefore couldn't have contemplated mass shootings with these devices.

Anonymous said...

The framers of the Constitution also didn't think to give women the right to vote. They had to wait hundreds of years.

Geniusofdespair said...

Who cares about the list. I only care that Rubio is on it.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein pulled the bill out of a drawer, her words to capitalize on Newtown. The Newtown parents were props.

Adam Lanza's mother bought all of the guns legally. There is a disconnect between reality and liberals.