Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Statement from County Commissioner Xavier Suarez Regarding His Shrink Wrap Vote. By Geniusofdespair

I had pulled a blog on Lynda Bell to do further research and in my announcement people started to criticize County Commissioner Xavier Suarez on his Shrink Wrap vote. Here is his statement:

“For the readers of your blog, and for your own edification, I take this opportunity to clarify my position on the luggage wrapping bid. I did not vote for either bidder. I voted against the award to the second ranked bidder. It is my opinion (and has been my relentless pursuit for the last two years in the county and for eight in the City of Miami) to make sure that all bids for fungible goods, public works, concessions, and even professional services are done in a purely competitive manner, sealed and based strictly on price/revenues. This has the effect of eliminating the role of lobbyists in public bidding.”

I totally agree. No lobbyists!