Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Six Big Reasons NOT to Support Rick Scott for Governor. By Geniusofdespair

Never saw a worse bunch (A YouTube video on Bill Edwards, he is a mortgage mogul, the only one you might not recognize - Pity the fool):

Above: From the Miami Herald  - see entire list

Rick Scott
Be sure to hit on the Miami Herald link under the graphic to see the entire list. His wife already put more than $10 million in the PAC.


Anonymous said...

Stop absentee ballot crime to prevent criminals from running our government.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Scott is impressing lots of out-of-state rich promoters.

Anonymous said...

At least he won't have to write such a big check to buy his Governor position. Maybe this is why Bell filed early, in hopes some of the crumbs will dribble down to her for that non partisan (cough) commission seat or thrown or Tea Party mecca or whatever one wants to call it! Bell should immediately hang with Scott and make sure the photo's are all over Dist. 8 especially in the heavy now Dem areas!

Maybe Trump is still trying to get massive acres of wetlands in Dade or Florida (for free). Scott & Bell have both diluted our environmental policy in regard to their protection or severe lack thereof, they have much in common.

Yep, they should definitely campaign together & her opposition campaign (whoever that is or will be) should be certain to send that pic to all (democratic) I mean non partisan voters in her district!

Does anyone know what PAC has been put together for her campaign?

Will Crist file already? He can out raise Scott though Scott can self fund at any given movement.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Scott has provided cover for every business interest in the state of Florida. He has turned the state into an efficient machine for profit, cutting state agencies that protect the public, and you can expect business money will not want to let go of the best thing they ever had. He's a joke of a governor, but he's the best thing since sliced bread for businesses that exploit the public interest.

Anonymous said...

Can we have public officials drug tested like welfare recipients?

I don't need six reasons not to vote for Scott, just one, Rick Scott!

I'll be working on more one liners because as sad as this is to only helps to laugh to make it through the day of corruption and all these GOPer's using the public dole/grants/procurement (private prisons) or severe lack of oversight/regulation/environmental destruction policy. No bail outs - except for them politically behind the scenes where no one looks at how much money they're receiving from the State/Fed and Local taxes! What a bunch of hypocritical scum bags, living a scum pond they created.

He will be known as the #1 greatest destroy of everything good in the State of Florida, Bell will be #1 in Miami Dade County, as a puppet of the URM!

Anonymous said...

If the voters don't want him, all the money in the world won't be able to buy him the governorship. . .unless he can get a hacker to enter many fradulent ansentee ballots. Like the 2,500 that are currently under investigation.

Anonymous said...

Money can't erase his record. A few things come to mind immediately, but there is a lot on his plate. You are right about drug-testing poor people and state employees, particularly when he owned clinics to profit from it. Remember his refusal to accept the high-speed rail money and kissing good-bye to 10,000+ jobs for Floridians? The people in Boston fight for and won our transit money, and now will have a transit line directly from Boston to DC with our money. Remember his war on education, cutting $1.3 billion from public schools in 2011 and calling for a 3% reduction in pensions for teachers? Remember those awful Arizona type immigration restrictions he supported? Remember he signed the law reducing early voting days that led to long voting lines, and would not expand early voting when it was clear we were facing a mess? Remember no jobs created? No ethics reforms? Remember he was the chief opponent on Obamacare? Remember he wanted no medicaid expansion? Then he realized he wanted to run again. And bingo- he changed overnight- medicaid expansion, teacher raises, etc. No, I don't think so. He has a lot of money, but he has hurt a lot of people in the State of Florida