Friday, April 05, 2013

Planning Advisory Board Meeting. Guest Blog By Tropical Audubon Society

On Monday, April 15th at 10a.m., the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) will meet to discuss the proposed amendments to our Comprehensive Development Master Plan (the overall guiding growth management document for Miami Dade County).

There are a number of great initiatives that would help Miami grow sustainably and would improve our quality of life. The general components added to our CDMP include:
Allocation of funds for public transportation (Application 2, MT3-C & MT3-D)  
Incorporation of climate change to our planning (Application 1)
Increased protection of our watersheds and the Everglades (Application 4) 
Health as a major component of city-planning    
Recognition of natural resources preservation as an economic as well as environmental issue (Application 4) 
We need you to attend this meeting and express support for these great initiatives! This is step #1 to prevent sprawl and protect our green spaces, so please join us. For more information, please read out letter.   

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Anonymous said...

I hope there is a good turn out. We need to support these components or pretty soon we'll have totally paved over what little of our paradise is left. Don't complain if you don't show up because the developer lobbyists will not support these very smart initiatives and will be there trying to stop them.