Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Panhandle Jerk, Jimmy Patronis. By Geniusofdespair

Does anyone reading this blog know about the toxic politicians in Tallahassee? In this one quote you can see why we are always in trouble when the legislature is in session.

From the Miami Herald:

Jimmy Patronis

“I can’t say enough good things about him,” said Frank Matthews, who lobbies on behalf of developers, phosphate miners, boat manufacturers, sugar growers, power companies and a garbage company. “He couldn’t be more accommodating. That’s the appealing thing to me.”


Anonymous said...

He's a major jack ass who's in the special category unto his own in regard to environmental total annihilation!

Anonymous said...

His quote is symptomatic of our current political condition: advanced corruption. Once upon a time it would have been a brazen and disqualifying statement. Now the quid pro quo is overt, even congratulatory. We are moving further and further away from participatory democracy into the black hole of plutocracy. What was that quote about taxation and representation again?

100panthers said...

Local Rule = Freedom (for septic tanks and development) according to this clown.

BUT for fertilizer wherein local governments start to limit fertilizer due to algae blooms...Tallahassee knows best!

Lunatic and hypocrite eating from Scott Fertilizer's manure spreader.

Anonymous said...

Even more shocking to learn in the same story that Patronis family makes his money from a seafood restaurant and bottled spring water. So he benefits from Florida natural resources why he plots to destroy them. We are indeed in trouble if this is the caliber of people who run this state. come to think of it, the outrageous and delusional statements Patronis and the lobbyist make in the story are just designed to upset those of us concerned about protecting our state's fragile ecology very mad. And they obviously get their kicks laughing at our reactions. Reminds me of Natasha Millan's comments about wanting to eat manatees.

Anonymous said...

He looks like the poster child for all that's wrong in our State Legislator. Bell is the poster child for all that's wrong with our local County Commission. Gimenez is what's wrong with this County having a Strong Mayor. His antics have Burgess & Alvarez blushing!

Anonymous said...

That dude sounds like Bruno Barrerio her in Miami-Dade County.