Friday, April 19, 2013

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The plodding, determined path to two new nuclear reactors in the lowest-lying area of Florida, Turkey Point, is proceeding because ratepayers -- you and me -- are funding hundreds of millions of dollars per year in marketing and development costs even though the reactors have not been permitted. This upside down process is called "early cost recovery". What it means, in fact, is that a few intrepid activists are pitted against the power and weight of the profit motive, applying to FPL subcontractors like lawyers and lobbyists as much as to executives, whose annual compensation is tied to performance.

As I've written before, new nuclear has an important place in our energy future -- the problem with new nuclear at Turkey Point is all the projections of demand and population in South Florida will be up-ended by sea level rise during the service lifetime of the reactors. FPL's defense is that it plays by the rules. Here is the message from
"During this legislative session, leaders in Tallahassee are discussing and debating the flawed nuclear cost recovery law that shifts all the financial risk of building reactors to customers. This hurts Florida’s economy, including seniors, families and businesses. Legislation has been offered up in both the House and the Senate.

Now is the time to send a clear message to Tallahassee that Floridians can’t afford to pay now for expensive reactors that likely will never be built! Click here and voice your concerns. Bi-partisan leadership in both the House and Senate has acknowledged that the anti-consumer legislation passed in 2006 has caused serious problems. They are moving in the right direction, but a complete repeal of Florida’s nuclear tax is the only way to clearly ensure protections for consumers.

In addition, consumers deserve to know how much they are being forced to pay up front each month for these risky new reactor proposals. Any legislation that passes must at least include this “truth in billing” concept.

Take action now and write your state senator and representative and Speaker of the House Will Weatherford to tell them it is time to end the flow of money from your pockets to the big power companies."

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100panthers said...

Mage Solar (German solar PV panels good to 113 lbs/sq/ft with 30 year warranty) has local installer that wil put in panels for $2.75 a watt. Pay back without subsidies (other than tax credit from Feds) is 8 22 years of free power.

Germany gets 25% of its power from solar PV and they have sunshine similar to Alaska.

So what is our problem here in the Sunshine State?

Oh yeah...our problem is FPL and the Florida (bought and paid for) legislature. It is embarrassing to live here sometimes.