Thursday, April 11, 2013

In federal court today, will the state and federal $890 million plan to restore Everglades water quality work? The devil is in the detail ... by gimleteye

The small Miami group (of which I am volunteer board president) Friends of the Everglades triggered federal litigation against US EPA and eventually a 2010 judgement resulting in an agreement between the feds and the Gov. Rick Scott administration for a long overdue $890 million committment to water quality in the Everglades. The court did not close the case, though.

Today -- as the Florida legislature fiddles with raising protections even higher for Big Sugar (MORE ON THIS LATER)-- Judge Alan Gold is asking for an update from the EPA and the state. Everything will be fine, they will say. Of course, they will say nature is not something they can control -- they, who have spent billions of taxpayer dollars to do exactly that to grow more than 700,000 acres of sugarcane, vegetables, and cities in and around the River of Grass.

Here is the letter Friends sent to the court yesterday.

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