Saturday, April 27, 2013

Governor Scott's Big Lie: Sunburst. By Geniusofdespair

Too bad Sunburst doesn't work.

Governor Scott is a liar on his "Sunburst" crap. When you write to him it says:

"All public record electronic mail sent to Governor Scott will be posted to Project Sunburst at, and will be accessible to the public. "

I went to the link on 2 computers and here is what I found (I changed the "view" to unread messages, subject, etc. nothing came up):

Maybe I am stupid and can't get it to work. I followed the directions. Sunburst is supposed to offer the public easy access to Scott's emails after he was caught deleting emails. It wasn't easy for me to find anything and I am as computer literate as most. This link will take you to his transition emails. At least something did work.

From: Deleanna Soto:
 Message Body: Dear Mr President, let's be fair The man from the Thrift Store the walking Duck!! He wanted me to Quit, What exactly do we get to Quit ... is there a Price ... ? reason being ... the connection is Drugs ... Carmen was a Good Mother ... I keep hearing ... I remember working with a black Girl ... her name was Carmen " Cookie I called her ... I told mark she would be able to be manipulated... Gwen the Man's Wife ... in the store asked her if she had a boy friend ... before this Cookie this black Girl told me her ex husband was a Drug Dealer ... I felt a concerned so I mention it ,  I was told not to worry about it .. she worked fast ... she thought she was working to marry  this man to be his wife ... it all seem's not to make sense but I am no fool I want answers .. this is abuse against me I am not an ending story ... look for findings because my life ain't over ... l so there was another girl named Stacey she said I can not believe I let that man excuse my expression but this is crucial information " Fuck me in the Ass."  you go figure what's Going on It doesn't sound like fun ....  Ha Ha Ha back to you my Friend ....

From: Donna Courtney

Message Body: By now, you have seen the writing on the wall. If you wish to squander whatever capital you have left to seek a second term as the store-bought Governor of Florida, I wish you well. You are not fit to serve the actual people, Rick. Take your lucre, your contacts, your Tea Party fanaticists, your Koch-fueled  philosophy, and your obsessive need to line the pockets of the financially blessed, and get out of our beautiful state of Florida. We despise you. Get lost and stay there.



Anonymous said...

I can't stand Scott either but if you click on the folder, you should be able to see the emails.

Disappointed Reader said...

Genius: You've been strangely quiet on the whole Doral recall that Vanessa Brito botched. If i someone else had blown it like that, you'd have been all up in that. Why hasn't it popped up on your radar?

Geniusofdespair said...

I clicked on the folder only one (not like it is in the directions). Nothing happened. I don't have internet explorer so I tried it on a computer with internet explorer. Did not see all the file folders there either. Again, only one folder that did not produce any emails. Second comment is off topic.

I don't do Doral. I leave that to other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Public record access that only works with ONE browser is not public access.

I also could not see anything. I tried dozens of back doors in but could not get any files. I use Safari and I use Firefox.

Geniusofdespair said...

It wasn't easy and I couldn't repeat it -- I tried --- but I finally got to some folders.

Geniusofdespair said...

I didn't see any responses from Rick Scott to the writers of emails.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Scott's big lie?

What about Charlie "my life is a lie" Crist's big lie?

Geniusofdespair said...

One attack and you choose to instead of addressing the subject attack another to deflect. You are a troll and a Putz.