Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coral Gables Traditions--who cares? Guest Blog by Truly Blue

Where is the party?
Funny how things go in the City of Coral Gables:  when you don't get along with the city manager of four years, you do not get a thank you for your twelve years of service.  Neither Comm. Maria Anderson nor Comm. Ralph Cabrera were thanked by the city for their years of service to the community.  Typically the city hosts a lunch or farewell party of some sort for their commissioners or mayor who leave office.  Not this year.

Shame on you Comm. Bill Kerdyk for allowing your colleagues of twelve years to leave public service this way.  Shame on you Pat Salerno for allowing your anger over political disagreements to do the honorable thing.  Shame on you Mayor Jim "ambassador my eye" Cason for being equally disagreeable.  And shame on Comm. Frank Quesada for your lack of commitment to your colleagues of two years.  What has happened in the city the pretends to be better then other cities in the area?

I know the manager and the commissioners did not see eye to eye, especially in the most recent two years and that the current mayor had his fair share of run-ins with the two passionate commissioners, but is this really the way it goes in "the city beautiful"?  Maybe it is because they are both Cuban that people have not raised any stink?  Maybe it is because their presence on the dais meant issues that would otherwise fly through the city process stalled sometimes?  Or maybe it is pure spite?

I do not know which of the above it might be and I doubt either commissioner would have accepted a party on the city dime anyway, but it would have been nice if the offer had been made just the same.  Notwithstanding their exits from office in different fashion, Maria by retirement thanks to those pesky term limits and Ralph because term limits forced him to run for mayor or retire, both worked tirelessly on behalf of the residents, employees, businesses and community in general during their time in office.  The city should have DONE better.  In any event, enjoy your freedom Maria Anderson and Ralph Cabrera, you have earned it.


Anonymous said...

That is just sickening.

Anonymous said...

The writer obviously has not lived in our City Beautiful during the last twelve years...or the writer would not have written this article!
I am a Cuban American who has lived in Coral Gables since the 1960s.
Are you now going to disapprove my comment?

Anonymous said...

That's the way it is everywhere. Vindictive Bell did the same in Homestead to Porter who had been in offfice for ten years and Losner who had served for six years when she beat them in the Mayors race. The victors have no respect.