Monday, April 22, 2013

Chris Botti Concert in West Palm Beach's Kravis Center Sucked. By Geniusofdespair

The sound system sucked and it was too loud, so there was distortion, which made it worse. I went to the lobby and saw people leaving after about 2 numbers. People leaving said it was too loud. No one in management cared.

I sat 6 feet away from the stage at Blue Note in New York when I saw Chris Botti before and it wasn't too loud there.  But in the first tier of the Kravis Center it was blasting, especially the trumpet and the violin.  Maybe it is because all those Palm Beach people are so old and hard of hearing so they pump up the sound? 

So for those reasons I have to honestly say, Chris Botti sucked at the Kravis Center April 21, 2013.  Not like my last review when he was at the Blue Note.

Chris, send someone out to areas of the concert hall to see what is doing next time.  It was loud everywhere I went to look for an empty seat. I finally stuffed my ears with toilet paper and settled down in a box seat. I will never go to the Kravis Center for a concert again.  One thing about the Arsht Center, Knight Concert Hall, they get the sound right...always.


Midnightwithoutyou said...

First, I have to say, "Chris Botti NEVER sucks when he plays." He's always very concerned about how the sound is at concerts and has asked me several times after a show how the sound was. I have seen Chris perform over 40 times and he has never given a bad performance. The same goes for Caroline. She is awesome! They both are. I have a strong feeling the problem was the Kravis Center not Chris, Caroline and the band. I have been to the Blue Note also and it's loud there but the difference in size for the two venues must be incredible. Maybe the Kravis Center needs to improve their sound system.

Geniusofdespair said...

You think? They blamed it on the band at Kravis. They said Botti does the sound. I know what they should of sounded like. I have dozens of his songs and I reviewed him before. Tell him to perform at the Arsht Center next time.

Anonymous said...

I was there too. Much too loud. I wasted my money on those tickets. The violin piecrced my eardrums.

musicmaven said...

Wow. glad i didn't go. it would have been a long and expensive trip to go and be disappointed.

sundayniagara said...

Natural vs. amplified sound? I went to an organ concert at Trinity Cathedral a couple of years ago. The organist inadvertently left the pa mic slightly on and it damn near ruined a great concert.

C.L.J. said...

When a major act comes into a house like the Kravis, Broward, or Arsht Center, they often bring their own sound gear. They ALWAYS bring their own sound engineer, who is responsible for what you hear.

So the problem may not be with the Kravis Center.