Saturday, March 16, 2013

Those DAMN Billboards & Electronic Signs. By Geniusofdespair

Had enough of them? Then attend this summit and tell your friends to join you:

Wednesday, April 10 – 6 to 9 PM
The American Legion Post - 6445 NE 7th Ave, Miami

What is the future of the Billboard Wars in Our Neighborhoods?
A Summit on Billboards and Electronic Messaging Signs in Miami Dade County

You are invited to a panel discussion with William Brinton, Esq., a leading national authority on scenic issues and billboard regulation.  We will be discussing:  Billboards:  How Did We Get Here and How Do We Get Out.  The summit will conclude with an action plan.

Sponsored by Scenic Miami, The Urban Environment League of Greater Miami and Miami Neighborhoods United and the East Side Preservation Alliance.

No Charge – donations accepted.

Please RSVP:


Anonymous said...

Harumph...sounding like the old-time advertising geezer that I am...what passes for outdoor messaging these days is just
pitiful. I don't know what has happened to all the bright young minds in the business, but everyone seems to have forgotten
that outdoor advertising is used to increase awareness, not communicate detail. When you slap up a detailed message on an
electronic board, the result is an impossible to read mess that flashes by before you can register much more that a few
colors. I don't get it. It's a waste of money. And on top of it all, they're ugly and distracting.

Anonymous said...

An article in the Herald Neighbors Northwest last Sunday detailed the scheme of Annexation for Billboards by the City of Miami Springs. They entered into a settlement agreement with a billboard company that grants locations along the Palmetto once the City annexes the area.

Anonymous said...

Biscayne Times publishes a great cover story about billboards detailing how politicians and city staffers bend over backwards to cave in to billboard lobbyists.