Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SUPREME COURT: Good Doll - Bad Doll. By Geniusofdespair

Facebook Symbol that people are using to voice solidarity that everyone is equal.

The Miami Herald, reported that the swing voter on the Supremes,  Justice Anthony Kennedy said:
In a positive sign for gay marriage supporters, Kennedy voiced strong sympathy for the approximately 40,000 California children who have been adopted by gay couples.

“They want their parents to have full recognition,” Kennedy said, with evident feeling, adding that “the voice of these children is important in this case."
At the Brown vs. Board of Education trial Kenneth and Mamie Clark's doll experiment was used. I believe Kenneth Clark testified. The Supreme Court specifically cited Clark's 1950 paper in the Brown decision.

Good doll - Bad doll experiment:
In the “doll test,” psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark used four plastic, diaper-clad dolls, identical except for color. They showed the dolls to black children between the ages of three and seven and asked them questions to determine racial perception and preference. Almost all of the children readily identified the race of the dolls. However, when asked which they preferred, the majority selected the white doll and attributed positive characteristics to it. The Clarks also gave the children outline drawings of a boy and girl and asked them to color the figures the same color as themselves. Many of the children with dark complexions colored the figures with a white or yellow crayon. The Clarks concluded that “prejudice, discrimination, and segregation” caused black children to develop a sense of inferiority and self-hatred.
So here we are over 60 years later, thinking about the children.  Are the children of same sex couples looking at their parents non-marital status, with the help of their peers, as inferior and, thus, feeling inferior themselves?  Maybe we should have conducted another doll experiment prior to this trial. But Justice Kennedy's discussion brings up an interesting point about the children: "They want their parents to have full recognition." And, why not? All children want to fit in and be proud of their parents. They don't want their parents to appear as outcasts from society, different.

Now I have hope for this trial.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is not equal, people are taxed differently.
Education is not equal based upon where you live.
Soon medical care will have wider distinctions, do you know why? The affordable care act application asks what political party you are registered to.
Equal is all in the mind.

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration isn’t taking credit for a provision in the Affordable Care Act that encourages people to register to vote, although White House officials obviously favor the prescription.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that including the voter-registration question on applications for health insurance coverage actually dates to a Clinton-era precedent.

“Checking off whether or not you want to register to vote goes back to a 1993 law regarding Medicaid, which maybe Republicans opposed,” Mr. Carney said. “This predates the Affordable Care Act.”

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Anonymous said...

My sister, her wife, and their two children live in a very out, open, liberal area in San Fran. Her kids are at a young enough age where they don't know that there are people who think their mothers don't belong together and that they shouldn't be considered a legal family. Nobody has ever told them that mom and dad is 'normal' and that having 2 moms isn't. I'm sure as they get older some idiots will try telling them there's something wrong with their family. And I'm sure they'll regard those people as idiots. Their moms are perfectly normal and are married to each other. I don't think her kids feel inferior to anyone.

Diggy said...

Same sex couples cannot have children. What planet are you living on? Do you need a lesson on the birds and the bees?

Geniusofdespair said...

What if they lived in Toledo?

Geniusofdespair said...

Diggy: neither can 60 year old couple that marry

Anonymous said...

How could Obama have been against same sex marriage while he was a constitutional law professor? That's a pretty big error, don't you think? Didn't he know it was unconstitutional? Did Harvard Law teach him the wrong law?

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes. Harvard did teach him the wrong law. and part of this is called our Constitution. Strict constructionists or originalists believe every word is gospel. And our Constitution does discriminate. Our society is so different than what is was back in the 1700's that we need to be able to change and account for those differences.