Saturday, March 16, 2013

On EPA failure to hold Florida accountable for filthy water, Sen. Marco Rubio is wrong again ... by gimleteye

As reported in the Miami Herald, US Senator Marco Rubio issued a statement praising the EPA's collapse after years of litigation by environmental groups that struggle to protect water quality in our polluted state: "U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (praised) the deal, calling it important for the economy that state agencies rather than Washington “bureaucrats’’ controlled pollution rules.

“Keeping the EPA out of Florida on this effort is a significant win for job creators across the state,’’ he said in a statement. “It will better ensure that the proper balance can be struck between protecting our water and making sure over-regulation doesn’t drive businesses and jobs out of Florida."

The bottom line is that Marco Rubio is clueless. For a state that bears so heavily on the political fortunes of the nation, Rubio's anti-science, anti-environmental zealotry is a disaster.


Anonymous said...

Getting tired of his Tea Party reactionism. Time for Miami and Floridians to call him on it. Check out the NY Times story on Lake Erie and how algae blooms from agricultural run-off and sewage dumping have destroyed the lake and its once-vibrant fisheries.
Florida is on its way thanks to policies supported by these Tea Party/Rubio/Agri-business interests.
Does Rubio not consider the future world his own children will inherit? What would his children say to him as adults: 'Dad, is it true you could have done something as a U.S. Senator to save the world, but chose not to? Is it true you sided with special interests who were working to pollute our water ways and hasten the famine, drought, floods that have destroyed our ecology and economy?"

Anonymous said...

Please let it not be him in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Rubio has unfastened himself from Florida and is pursuing his own half-baked and eccentric agenda. Rubio's agenda is the agenda of Looney Toons and Merrie Melodies and not Mr. Average Florida Citizen. Who is Rubiio Representing? He is not representing me.

We have been duped and swindled by a fast-talking super salesman whose eyes are only on the prize of the U.S. Presidency and everything else along the way be damned.

Rubio has become the icon of primitive luddite fanaticism; pitting his bankrupt religious fervor against science. My bet is on science.

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio said on MSNBC when asked who his mentor was:He answered Jesse Helms and he supported Stars and Bars. I was so surprise. I thought he would have said Jose Mas Canosa or Lincoln Diaz Balart. Never a southern segregationist/race hater like Jesse Helms.