Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mainstream press avoids real cause of man-swallowing Florida sinkholes ... by gimleteye

One may pray that Florida voters will eventually make the connection between water managers, beholden to special interests, and district board members, appointed by the governor they elect, and sinkholes like the one that recently claimed the life of a Tampa area man named Jeff Bush.

The AP reported one woman's observations: "You never know underneath the ground what's happening." That's not true.

Actually, we DO know what is happening underneath the ground in Florida. Too much water is being sucked out, to accommodate the rampant growth of suburbs and to placate the needs of Big Ag.

District ordered "consumptive use permits" for water withdrawals are wrecking Florida's aquifers, streams, and natural resources -- tied to the economy's prosperity -- like the Everglades.

There is evidence everywhere that too much water is being sucked from Florida ground water. The most extreme result is the sinkhole that claimed Mr. Bush's life.

The story appears to have died with the demolition of the Bush family home. It would be too bad if that were the case: ordinary homeowners need to rise up and protest the jeopardy created under their very feet by politicians and special interests they serve.

The high cost of sinkholes is only inevitable if people ignore what their elected officials do, in the name of "progress".

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Anonymous said...

They are unwilling to tell the truth to the public, even if we will be facing disasters of epic proportions.

Anonymous said...

The fact that we have 5 Water Management Districts which handle 67 counties and only 5 people are signing these permits is a crime. 99% of all consumptive use permits NEVER go before the board of the WMD's. There are a few very greedy developers who don't give a damn if we have water or our land they build and move up the road. We should be demanding that developers carry a surety bonds that cover our losses forver then they wouldn't be so quick with building if they were going to be held accountable for future troubles which their greed created.