Saturday, March 02, 2013

Florida Sinkhole Swallows Man, The Way The Growth Machine Swallowed Florida ... by gimleteye

"Jeff Bush, 37, was in his bedroom Thursday night when the earth opened and took him and everything else in his room."

The Lord was seeking a man named Bush but found the wrong one.

Why is it, that Eye On Miami is the only place one can go to read the truth about sinkholes in Florida? This is what we wrote in Nov. 2010, "The Miami Herald and other state newspapers continue to report on $2 billion in property losses from sinkholes in Florida-- without even a whisp of information connecting this property destroyer with the destruction of Florida's aquifers, enabled by withdrawals authorized by the state's water management districts."

Sinkholes are prevalent in Florida due to the mismanagement of water resources. The story about the loss of a life; a man literally sucked into the earth and buried alive is utterly shocking. Sinkholes are a geologic fact of life in sandy soils more prevalent in the northern part of the state.

It is only in recent years that losses from sinkholes have become so common that homeowner's insurance is required to cover sinkholes. The point: what's different is that withdrawals of water have reached the tipping point for taxpayers.

Water is mismanaged in order to serve the Growth Machine. The Growth Machine gets water, whenever it wants water. Of modern governors, Jeb! Bush was the first to so blatantly insist on manipulation of water resources to accommodate what turned into a massive housing boom then bust.

Water management districts in Florida -- whose boards are appointed by the Governor -- mainly represent Big Agriculture and Big Development: whatever Ag and developers want, they get.

It doesn't matter if the earth tends to cave in to such a degree, as it does in sandier parts of Florida: all homeowners are paying the price from excessive water withdrawals from the underlying aquifer. EOM wrote earlier, in Sept. 2010; "I suppose in the midst of the worst economy since the Great Depression, who needs more bad news. But the mismanagement of Florida's water resources has taken place over decades on a massive scale, and it is all in the service of Growth Gone Wild. Water withdrawals from once spectacular aquifers are a fact of life. Consumptive Use Permits are the new coin of the realm, as the hidden costs of aquifer destruction are obscured from the public -- mostly because the mainstream media is not reporting out the story."

The story of the earth opening and swallowing a man from his house is shocking. It is almost surreal. It is equally shocking to me that press accounts don't put the blame where it belongs: on decision makers at the state's water management districts and the politicians who appoint them and the special interests they represent.


Anonymous said...

Love your intro

Anonymous said...

What a terrible way to die. Covered in moving dirt, wood and rock. Now Florida has no State planners. More and more problems like this will occur as developers influence elected officials to make stupid decisions.

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It is a warning from God and people should listen. . .

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BRILLIANT intro! What more can anyone say?