Friday, March 08, 2013

County Commissioner Lynda Bell Being Annoying March 5th. By Geniusofdespair

Lynda Bell Being Annoying watch it on YouTube

My second best video yet. Not really, just another in a look line of videos.

Read this post from 2012, because this is what I consider the most sneaky thing Bell has done thus far.

Why is she always trying to get back at people? It is like she is on a one-woman crusade. Going after some of the people she does is not entirely off the mark. I also agree with her on some of the waste she focuses on. But it is the way she does it that irks me. It is hard to explain. The Audubon tirade a few years back is a perfect example of her style of attack: Bellow now, think later. The Audubon video and response to it from Audubon does tell me a lot, but I don't think I will ever understand the T Party mentality.


Anonymous said...

Why so manic?

Anonymous said...

What is with the hand flailing & finger pointing? She is seriously deranged and clueless as to the meaning of her position as public servant as opposed to her quite tyrannical performance here. The BCC and Sosa need to do something. Perhaps a muzzle or turning off her microphone might help so the public doesn't have to be tormented by this super freak embarrassment to the community and the political arena.

I hope Rick Scott gets some photo's with her because that will certainly help insure he loses Dade County in 2014. I'll be happy to spend months posting this video and the one from yesterday all over the internet for months until I get bored. Unfortunately watching any public hearing of the BCC nowadays and you'll see her do this kind of stuff. It's only really transparent to a larger audience when it's a hot button issue.

Anonymous said...

The issue doesn't matter when you have a delivery like this.

Anonymous said...

I re read the post & comments from 2012. This one posted 2/10/12 by an anonymous sums it up and it is only getting worse with Bell today:

"Anonymous said...

Marching with a Bible, belching venom - No question about it- EVIL is one word that describes her.

Just ask anybody in Homestead.

NARCISSIST in all its forms is another word that describes her: Glibness/superficial charm
Grandiose sense of self-worth
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse or guilt
Callous/lack of empathy
Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

I think a recall is in order pretty soon.

south dade resident said...

Oh. I didn't realize that someone posted about narcissistic behavior. If you deal with Lynda, you will notice that she does not abide with or tolerate folks who exhibit any sort of spine or self confidence. As long as she senses that you will not think for yourself, you are harmless. The minute you show any inkling of self esteem or mental capacity for reasoning, you become her target. Lynda uses your knowledge and skills; sucks you into her space and then attacks you if you treat her as an equal. This behavior has been ongoing for million years with her.

Alvarez was similar, but actually more subtle. However, now that has to be reconsidered with the current body building thing ongoing... that is ultimate narcissistic.

Anonymous said...

If she is so narcissistic why doesnt she wash her hair?

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell- District 8 has not been served well by Lynda. Now that she is in charge of the entire county and she is from what I see and heard. The mayor and commissioners elected by their citizens are just letting her run their districts. Mrs. Sosa you cannot lead the other commissioners by letting your vice chair lead especially if she is isolating the voters. Please take charge! You nominated Lynda as your vice chair. Do you still think this was a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Genius: Who is the young lady sitting directly behind Mrs. Bell? Where is Ms. Faddis ?

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't know will try to find out.

miaexile said...

ur groovin with these vids, god. great work, burst out laughing at the start of this one!
she is annoying, isn't she..

Anonymous said...

Wow she realy is annoying! Why don't the others step in? I agree that she is totally a narcissist by the definition above -- how about slightly sociopathic as well - no remorse, no empathy - just get out of my way! Scary!

Anonymous said...

I'd agree she's a sociopath with a certifiably Baker Act worthy performance here among some of her best of performances from the City of Homestead to County Hall.

For the majority of the BCC to elect this woman Vice Chair is even more telling or scary or both. I'm going to have nightmares now. Bell makes the Wicked Witch look like the good witch (Seijas v Bell)!

Anonymous said...

Bell's tenure as Homestead's Mayor yielded nothing memorable except the "sexting" scandals involving numerous high-level employees, frivolous losing lawsuits, numerous retaliatory firings, and waves of vicious reprisal and payback.

As soon as she and her crew were ousted from Homestead, three new charter schools were built, the public school system's Medical Arts and Science Technology Academy began, parks and landscape funding which had been unspent and renewed for years was used to refurbish several parks and rights-of-way, taxes stayed the same, a free trolley system was started which transports hundreds daily, hundreds of new business licenses were issued, and the long-dormant Homestead Sports Complex came to life.

Bell's lackluster tenure in Homestead is instructive and important to everyone. As always, she now spends her time creating discord and meddling in everyone's affairs and not performing her elected responsibilities.

We need a real commissioner to work and to address real issues; not pink slime, not chain link fences, not the gutting of DERM, etc. We need and want a commissioner who understands her role as a policy-maker for her district and works hard for us.

Bell doesn't work for us. Period.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell is a disaster. She will never change. Anon above you hit the nail on the head. I have never heard of a commissioner or mayor working against their supporters, friends and church members. This woman has been in several churches in Homestead and does the same thing. Create problems and cause more problems for our pastors and leadership in the church. She uses that tambourine and sweet talk to get her way. Then the first time she does not get her way she moves in to hurt and destroy. I pray for God almighty to help us.

Geniusofdespair said...

Church person:

Send me an email
Geniusofdespair@yahoo. Com

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Bell is forcing the county to hire her do-boy Shehadeh.

Anonymous said...

"Rumor has it Bell is forcing the county to hire her do-boy Shehadeh"

I would hope this is just a rumor. Shehadeh received over $250k from his lawsuit in the "sexting" scandal between him and Bell's aide and public perjurer Faddis. Now it would be interesting if we were in for round 2 but this time the whole county pays for the lawsuits instead of just Homestead taxpayers being screwed by Bell's stupidity. I think her Dist 8 funds should be frozen to settle legal problems caused by her which at this pace will be coming pretty soon just like Homestead. It's not like voters whose AB's weren't stolen weren't warned this would be coming. I have to wonder if Bell has a kickback of Papst (sp) Blue Ribbon and a lifetime of beef jerky coming from all the settlements with the taxpayers at all levels whether it be county, city or whoever, pun intended here but then I look at the seriousness of these forgiveness of violations in 8 1/2 sq mile and have to wonder what is the bigger prize there for her and if DuBois will forgive his mortgage against the Redland Hotel if Bell makes his DERM violations go away. It will be interesting to see what the BCC & county staff does on these.

Anonymous said...

I would not want to b a county staffer dealing with anything she has an interest in.

Anonymous said...

I love watchin her splooge on her fellow commishes.
Such a delight!