Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bill Nelson For Governor? ... by gimleteye

The news of chaos in Gov. Rick Scott's administration might hearten opponents but raises the question, again (and again and again) whether the Democrats can seize the opportunity to win the executive office in Florida in 2014.

There are a few bright newcomers in the Democratic minority. Are they ready to mount a state-wide campaign compared to the US Senate's former astronaut, Bill Nelson? And would Bill Nelson turn a Lawton Chiles; resigning the US Senate to run as governor?

The Democrats would have a very good chance of holding the US Senate seat if Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided to run. And Bill Nelson is popular throughout the state, channeling a non-confrontational line from the Georgia border to Key West.

If Nelson were to win, he could set a platform for the eventual return of Florida to the blue state column. Of course, the radical right/ Marco Rubio/ Jeb! Bush contingent is worried.

Moreover, if Nelson chose a bright, young Hispanic to be his running mate and gave his lieutenant the chance to shine, he would set the stage for Florida: Latin, socially liberal and forward-looking.

On the other hand, it is easier to find stone claws in Florida Bay than forward thinking Democrats. That's the other news of the day in the Miami Herald: the shortage of stone crab claws. I was startled by the comment of a Florida Fish and Wildlife researcher who shrugged at the shortfall, saying, "It ain't over till it's over." Slim pickings, temperatures rising.


Anonymous said...

Wasserman Schultz would lose a Senate race. They'd need a much more even toned Democrat, she's not the one or it will go GOP if Nelson resigned. I'd support Crist over Nelson because I like Crist as a Governor and supported Nelson as a Senator. They're both in good spots in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with anon above. Debbie ain't the one. There is a brilliant and moderate Dem in former State Rep Scott Randolph, but he is not currently electable.

Debbie just doesn't have it for the Gov job.

Anonymous said...

Nelson must stay in place, as it is critical that we maintain control of the Senate. We will have to look at other leadership types, the Mayors, Fl Senate leaders, or Crist. But Debbie is exciting, would get things moving quickly in the state, crack the whip, and would make a great Gov. She too needs to stay where she is. She is a sharp edge for the party, and may be in years to come, a future Speaker of the House.

Anonymous said...

No matter what the job Nelson is useless unless it involves snakes.

Malagodi said...

Bill Nelson is no Lawton Chiles.

Let's get Bob Graham out of retirement. And while we're in fantasy land, how about finding some real Democrats to run the Florida Democratic Party?

Anonymous said...

Agreed all above. DWS is toxic to moderates. If you cannot see this, your analysis of Florida politics is seriously flawed. And a "draft Nelson" campaign might win the Governorship, but would endanger the just-won Senate seat. The DNC would and should oppose this ploy.

Anonymous said...

DWS fits well within the culture of Washington, particularly with the House of Representatives. She speaks the only language understood in the House and would make an excellent Speaker. People like her only appear once in a generation, and we cannot risk losing potential leadership of the House, simply because we cannot press others into service in a governorship role.