Saturday, March 09, 2013

BEST thing about Windsurfing. By Geniusofdespair

When the wind is howling over 15 MPH, you ain't going to lift that sail by standing on the board and pulling it up. The wind pushes against it and you just don't have the strength. Watch this 30 second video and then I will write in read more what happened because even though you are watching and there is no cut, you can't figure out how the hell this guy got out of the water.

It is called a waterstart. You lift your sail a bit with the wind's help while you lay in the water, not as easy as it sounds sometimes. Then you let the wind get under the sail while having the back of your heels resting on the board. When the wind picks up the sail you are left standing on your board ready to go. It is so weird a move, it is hard to even see it in the video, but the guy is very good. In the video there isn't all that much wind and the guy is so advanced, he doesn't even have his feet on the board. He just steps on the board as the sail picks him up. When you have lots of wind the waterstart is a rush there is no effort whatsoever. Sometimes it made me feel like I was flying. Love the waterstart.

This is a waterstart you can see because the guy is having trouble doing it. You can really see the struggle on this one.


Youbetcha' said...

Ouu. I don't like idea of salt water... Sticky itchy yukkie. With things in it that can nibble on me.

But, I can imagine how wonderful it would be to strong enough and coordinated enough to do the wind surfing thing.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't figure out what you were talking about till I watched the second one.