Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Baggage Wrap Contract Award. I am watching it. By Geniusofdespair

I have been watching it for hours. I reported on this earlier this week. Too long. Hours.

From the discussion, I think they are going to throw out the winning bid (recommended by the airport and Mayor) from True Star/Sinapsis (there were a lot of Italian jokes that I thought were uncalled for, we know the company is Italian, the constant reminders were annoying). Xavier Suarez had the best idea, let both of the companies operate at the airport. Let's have some good old competition. Okay now they are going to throw out the winning bid and take the second bidder at the same terms as the winning bidder. Seems a bit unfair. But Safe Wrap is going to get it. What is it a 20 year contract? I guess this is finally over. Millions upon millions of dollars are at stake. Mr. Ramos how about we meet for a steak? You won big. Your investment in lobbyists paid off. I heard their words coming out of the mouths of their puppet commissioners, especially Diaz. They just voted to not award the contract to True Star, Monestime and Suarez voted no, 9 voted yes. A second vote to award the contract to the second bidder on the first bidder's terms, the vote 2 was 11 to 0.


Anonymous said...

They didn't agree to the first bidder's terms. They agreed to less.

The recommended bidder offered 65% of gross monthly revenue. The company awarded was asked to match but declined and said 52% and that 65 was crazy.

The Commission agreed to the lower revenue anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great job ML for lobbying this for SafeWrap!!!!

I am sure Genius could figure out who ML is

Anonymous said...

Dear Geniusofdespair
You've got my contact info, I don't eat red meat, but will join you for a healthy Mel, my treat.
Lots of bs will now fly as it relates to what happened, all I ill say is that our company ill concentrate odor king hard o save a business that others are bent on destroying.
We will honor our commitment & humbly accept the challenge presented to us.
Only thing I did not enjoy was the blatant lies said about us, such as the statement that when we were audited, we I'd not provide all that was asked; we did provide it all, like we did to Herald Reporter Charlie Savage when he dropped by our offices & asked what could he ave to write an article; as usual our complete office & files were place at his disposal.
But hey, we won & we have a long raid to recovery now.
Gd bless

Anonymous said...

Sounds like litigation to me.

Geniusofdespair said...

Thank you Mr. Ramos. I will be in touch for some healthy food, fish at Garcia's maybe?

Anonymous said...

Or casa Blanca,,,I would love to see wat will disagree to agree on :-) my contact info is on the e mail I sent you.

Anonymous said...

"concentrate odor king"?

That should be the title for the lobbyist of the year award.

Anonymous said...

:-) Meant to type "working hard". Bloggers are brutally honest :-)