Sunday, March 24, 2013

Allied Veterans Contributions To Miami-Dade Legislators. By Geniusofdespair

Taking a big hit in this scandal, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll resigned.
The Miami Herald did a good job of looking up all the contributions of that phony charity/gambling group, "Allied Veterans of the World" accused of racketeering.  I started to do the campaign account/PAC/ CCE research on Allied but it was so time consuming looking at PAC's etc., I just gave up. This is why you need to support your newspaper....they have paid staff that can tediously comb through public records.  From their research I have culled out a few of Miami's legislative beneficiaries of the dirty funds:

Florida Democratic Party $244,000
Florida Republican Party $533,829 (Not on line but in paper)

Who should know better:
David Aronberg $20,000
Mike Fasano $2,500


Artiles, Frank: $17,500
Diaz de la DePortilla, Miguel: $69,500
Nunez, Jeanette $4,000, $1,000
Bullard, Dwight $3,000
Fresen, Erik $3,000
Margolis, Gwen $4,000
Garcia, Rene $3,000
Gibbons, Joseph “Joe” $2,500
Braynon, Oscar $500
Trujillo, Carlos $500
Flores, Anitere $500

Go to the link above for the disclosure list of all who received contributions.

You might think this is the end of this but another one of these "charities" is now being investigated for illegal gambling:
"Fresh off a nearly $300 million racketeering case involving a veterans’ charity that benefited from simulated gambling at Internet cafes, Florida regulators will investigate a children’s cancer group connected to a sweepstakes network that is four times bigger."

"In exchange for the money that has flowed into the Children’s Cancer Cooperative from the cafes, the charity’s name is listed as sponsoring sweepstakes prizes offered at the cafes, giving players the impression money lost on the fast-moving games mimicking Vegas-style slots goes to help sick kids."
These people have no shame using both sick kids and veterans while buying influence and lining their own pockets. The Miami Herald said: "Authorities say they (Allied Veterans) collected a combined $300 million in profits since 2007 but paid out only 2 percent — about $6 million — to charities."

Looks like all Mayor Regalado support for maquinitas is for naught. According to the Herald the House voted to ban them:
The Florida House on Friday voted 110 to 6 for a bill aimed at shutting down Internet cafes, adult arcades and Miami’s “maquinitas.”


Anonymous said...

Its interesting that DLP got so much more than everyone else. Is there a story within a story there?

Alex DLP said...

dlp filed legislation to regulate internet cafes rather than to outlaw them

Anonymous said...

This is the most shameful thing I have seen in a long time..

Anonymous said...

Thanks miami herald

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Diaz de la DePortilla that sponsored the voter suppression bill that reduced the number of early voting days and resulted in the long lines during the election? Is he one of those who represent one of the three districts that were hacked for 2,500 fraudulent absentee ballots and we are still waiting on the apprehension of the hacker? Is he the same one who is working with Commissioner Bell on the Homestead CRA?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Regalado's connection with the "Maquinita" being given campaign money by the owners of these shady owners and then passing ordinance to legalize them followed by NEVER collecting a dime from the required permits ad up to possible criminal charges? how does the Lt governor get indietd but not these corrupt politicians here?