Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Dedicated South Florida Blogger Says Goodbye. By Geniusofdespair

A Photo I Found on Rick's Blog.
Rick, of The South Florida Daily Blog, has been sharing all of his favorite songs the past few days as he says goodbye. We both share a love of music and I think his tune selection is a poignant way to transition his leaving.  I have never heard half of his favoirtes, like Elbow singing One Day Like This.

Later today I expect to see his final blog post to all of us, his readers and his fellow bloggers.  I will check back for it as the day passes, Rick mentioned 4 on Twitter and it is there now (4 on the dot).

I, for one, will miss him and I am not looking forward to his last post or to blogging without him. He was always there with help, encouragement and advice. When I started he had been blogging for 3 years and I am now going on 7 years.  

We have met a few times over the years and I admire him greatly. Such a nice guy, smart and handsome. He has helped all of the bloggers in South Florida because his blog was a daily review and discussion of South Florida Blogs that sent new readers our way.

People move on. As "Miami Exile" said (also one of our most faithful readers) on Rick's Blog Post:

The old folks have been warning me for years and it's true, change can really suck.


Anonymous said...

Rick, we will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Rick... Take a break and come back.... Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

He has turned me on to so many great bloggers. I will miss him! I must have been a lot of work. Thanks for the great years!

olisan said...

Rick has genuine swampstyle.
Trust he know we are out there if he needs us.

Geniusofdespair said...

I left this comment on Rick's final blog post:

Rick - your sign off was beautiful and I can relate to everything you said...except the golf part. You are an amazing guy and we will miss you.

I especially will miss the blogs you authored as opposed to the ones referring to our posts. I still remember your photo essay of the baby ducks you rescued from the sewer. Cute critters.

I remember the first blog meet-up that I went to. It was at this really busy bar/restaurant on the beach. After arriving it occurred to me I didn't know what anyone looked like. I wandered around for a while and asked a few tables if they were the bloggers. They thought I was nuts. I finally found everyone. It was good to share with others and most of all, it was great to finally meet you.

Enjoy your new block of time.

Rick said...

Thank you, GoD.

It's been a tough slog this past year for a variety of reasons and with the latest attack on my preference for privacy, I decided it was time. My health isn't getting any better sitting at a computer for hours and hours either.

I appreciate all the support that you and Gimleteye have given to the SFDB project. Eye on Miami is my 4th highest traffic source for the history of the blog, according to Google stats. So, really, thanks.

We'll get together for brunch or lunch or dinner in the future.

Take care.


Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks Rick!

And Sinbad - Let it be. Not now, not here.