Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don't Join Americans For Prosperity of Florida. By Geniusofdespair

The Group sounds OK in a Republican, T-Party sort of way, in the description of what they do:
"Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots movement of over 2.3 million activists nationwide who advocate and promote limited government, lower taxes, and more freedom. We have more than 146,000 activists across the state of Florida who are taking action every day on behalf of the free market movement and influencing decision makers. Whether it’s calling members of congress, gathering with fellow activists, or attending an AFP event in their neighborhood – AFP activists are making a difference in the fight against big government on the local and national level."
Well, this is a Koch brother's funded group. It is not an activist movement as they say, it is a Koch brothers movement.  We have written about them before. The brothers are funding this "grassroots" group in lots of States, 35 of them, many swing states. However, they aren't a grassroots group - they are orchestrated and funded by the brothers to accomplish their goals. They recruit lemmings, not thinking human beings. Here is something Americans for Prosperity the Koch brothers are hosting this week in Florida:
"Americans for Prosperity-Florida, the nation’s premier economic freedom advocate, will host a major two day event, Patriot Days at the Capitol, this Wednesday and Thursday, February 15-16th in Tallahassee. Kicking off with a Rally in Tally, hundreds of activists from across Florida will join together on the steps of the Historic Old Capitol at 1:30 p.m. to urge their legislators to bring real prosperity back to Florida through free market principles."
Tim Phillips President of AFP.
I did stumble on something we would like that they support. This should make Gimleteye very happy, they are against sugar subsidies:

"As November 23rd approaches, the Congressional Super Committee is considering jamming agricultural subsidies into their budget recommendations. These efforts, led by agricultural special interest groups, are an attempt to bypass the traditional Farm Bill legislation planned for 2012. Now state based conservative groups are coming together to share their views with inside the beltway heavyweights to speak out against the inclusion of Big Sugar in a back door, sequestered sneak attack. The Super Committee, charged with righting the economic wrongs of the country, continues to include sugar subsidies that benefit a minority and cost consumers and sugar-using businesses millions annually. Groups such as the National Taxpayers Union and Americans for Prosperity are calling for a more public process that sheds light on these back-door policies."

But, then they are also recruiting Florida candidates to sign their "No Climate Tax" pledge. Stay far away from anything having to do with the Koch brothers. This is a list of products they make. They have their tentacles all over the place.
See how Koch can influence a history museum.

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