Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miami-Dade County Boondoggle with Millions of Our Tax Dollars. By Geniusofdespair

“The big picture here is how the hell did this happen? How could somebody steal this money with minimal excuses? It’s almost ridiculous. It’s mind-boggling.” - Chris Mazzella, Miami-Dade County Inspector General

The Miami Herald reported that an ex-Miami Beach Clinic head was arrested for stealing almost $7 million dollars from a Miami Beach clinic funded with plenty of our tax dollars both County and Federal.

I looked up all the checks that were written directly from the County to this clinic, Miami Beach Community Health Center Inc., since 2008 (when the theft started). You can add it up if you like, I am too lazy. It was 6 pages of checks about 153 were written during this time period.

All the County checks written DIRECTLY to Miami Beach Community Health Center, Inc. since 2008. They also got money from other County entities.

The officers of Miami Beach Community Health Center Inc. are Myriam Notkin of Surfside, Jane D. Gross of Miami Beach, Melvin Deutsch of Miami Beach and Antonio Wong of Pembroke Pines.  RON BOOK is the lobbyist.

The Miami Herald said:
"The center receives about $4 million annually in federal funding. In 2011, the clinics received about $15 million from various county funds, including the Children’s Trust, AIDS support and Jackson Health System."
Who is to blame for this? The Miami Herald reported that Miami-Dade County Inspector General Chris Mazzella said:
He planned to brief the Miami-Dade County Commission as soon as possible because the center had “a total breakdown of fiscal accountability” and “very very lax oversight.”
He said he’ll be “putting the county on notice that there needs to be close oversight of this organization, which spends millions and millions in county funds.”

Mayor Gimenez, who signed all these checks? Some heads at the county should roll over this one. How can you steal almost $7 million dollars of mostly county funds and no one notices? Remember that the Children's Trust money is County money and so is Jackson.

Chris Mazzella you must do audits, audits and more audits to uncover county boondoggle.


Anonymous said...

This is so typical of our County. No one pay's attention to where our tax dollars are actually going, or they're going to insider deal or privately owned sport franchises!

The CRA's need to go away and I would bet there's even more corruption there and money's being given to insiders or just outright fraud which no one catch until a few million dollars later!

Come on County Hall, watch where & how our money is going & being spent. It's just all so wrong!

This is why I didn't vote for the Children's Trust because I knew years ago about monies being mis spent but no one would listen. I didn't vote for the transportation tax either nor the school board increase!

This is just the person who got caught. There's 10's of millions being mis spent at all levels of county and no one cares in County Hall or just turns a blind eye!

Geniusofdespair said...

I didn't vote for any of those either. Are you me?

Anonymous said...

My God that is one shit-load of checks!

Anonymous said...

While we are on this type of boondoggle. I have heard the same thing about Community Health of South Florida, INC(CHI). Lots of travel by the CEO and his staff, golfing fundraisers, GALA's and stroking and raising money for elected officers in order to keep their funds . The facility is in poor condition, the place is dirty and sanitation is poor for a clinic. Frequent firings of qualified staff or they leave. This is the only mental health facility for our less fortunate in the area.
Jackson Health Systems need to takeover this clinic and dismiss starting with Brodes Hartley and his so call Board of Directors and his administrative staff. Chris Mazzella you need to investigate this health facility right away. This Miami Beach clinic and CHI are problems. CHI is also in the schools, Monroe County, Homestead doing poor health care to our citizens.

Anonymous said...

funny the county is so interested in the Beacon Council when they have bigger fish to fry.

JOSE M. said...

$15,000,000 of County funding a year? How much profit does this company make? What a SCAM!

Anonymous said...

MBCHCinc. Abbate
02 - $110,000. Exec. Dir. 03 - $121,983. Exec. Dir 04 - $146,832. Exec. Dir, 05 - $148,268. CExec. Off. 06 - $206,904. Ex. Dir. 08 - $824,000.
09 - $987,902. 10 - $1.2 million

MBCHCinc Revenue
02 - $12,909,874. 03 - $14,591,769.
04 - $14,007,206. 05 - $12,753,546.
06 - $14,246,733.

MBCHCinc 5 highest paid employees
physicians Total
02 - $672,333. 03 - $597,939 04 - $769,260.
05 - $1,005,489. 06 - $797,410.

Anonymous said...

guess who is the prof consult ??
ie Lobbyist or PA?

Geniusofdespair said...

Ron Book.

Anonymous said...

Conveniently the nonprofit's New Jersey-based accountants changed the name of their firm in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Good example why we need less government! When it is someone else's money it is easy to spend it or give it away or steal it. You want to get rid of the Ron Books of the word? Take the money away from government.

Anonymous said...

Jane Gross is Saul Gross's wife. Saul Gross is a former City of Miami Beach Commissioner and a current Real Estate Broker. Ron Book is a creep.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the County Commission have a whole Commission Auditor's Office fully staffed and highly paid? What do they do?

Doesn't the Mayor have a County auditor's office as well? What do they do?

Anonymous said...

Didn't these Board members review the books?

Anonymous said...

The board members did not review the books. The CEO give these boards what they want them to know. Its always ROSY and Beautiful. That's exactly why audits are needed when county, state and federal money is used by these clinics. Let's start with Community Health Inc. of South Florida and all the so call cesspools for health which claim they are keeping this community healthy.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez wont do anything. He loves all of those incompetent cronies that he inherited from the Burgess/Alvarez Administration. They are all still there.

Show-me, MO said...



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