Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WTF? A Two Page Attack Ad Against Norman Braman. By Geniusofdespair

Let the war against public money to stadiums begin!

Those rascal lobbyists paired with team owners will stoop to any expensive level to sway you.  They have put two full pages in the Miami Herald to smear Norman Braman's effort to stop corporate welfare for sports teams. One who is quoted in the ad: Donald Trump. Well that will sway me...not.  The Miami Herald reported yesterday that a public relations firm said one of the ways to get the public funding for the Marlins Dolphins Stadium was to discredit Norman Braman:
Take on Braman directly: “They need to anticipate and defeat the opposition,” said Schwartz. “the Braman factor is really key to this because no one knows how to whip up the target audiences into a frenzy over the use of public money more than Norman....Their campaign needs to drive the dialogue, or Braman will win going away.”
And no sooner did they write that, here we have this ad against Norman Braman.

Nancy Powers of Bradenton started the CCE "Florida First" that paid for this ad. Actually the Marlins might have paid for it, strange that only Florida First was mentioned in the ad.
Okay they say they used over $7 thousand dollars to manage the PAC and do accounting? Look at the date. This was around election time. Where do you think the money went from this PAC. 
Here was one expense this Committee claimed.  They are also working FOR gambling.

PAC Management Office. Looks professional.

The problem with tracking money in Committees/PACS is one give to another, that gives to another and so on. They are sneaky. Norman Braman: Nancy Powers is a Republican fundraiser. You might rethink your party affiliation.

Remember the mantra: The DOLPHINS are just like the MARLINS. Only difference is, this time we have a multi-billionaire owner instead of a multi-millionaire.

The Miami Herald reported on Braman's response to the attack ad:
“This is part of a very orchestrated effort by the Dolphins to get what they want,’’ Braman said of the advertisement. “They can say whatever they want. [The Dolphins plan] is still welfare for a billionaire.” He urged a referendum on the proposed deal. “All they have to do is let the people vote,’’ he said.
I agree.


KleanKookMIA said...

Look, I know we're all traumatized by the disaster that was the Marlins deal, but why wouldn't we sit down at the table with a team that is willing to invest hundreds of millions in our infrastructure and not ask for an tax increase on us as Miami-Dade residents?

I know its sports, but we should try to negotiate a good deal.

I actually trust Gimenez, unlike certain other politicians.

Geniusofdespair said...

We don't need to subsidize billionaires. The team ower has 4 billion dollars. We should have learned our lesson from the Marlins deal.

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

What you meant to say: Thanks for writing Team Owner Ross.

Anonymous said...

The Bed Tax and the Sales Tax could be used for the GOOD of the citizens not a private sports team. Maybe my new lighting should be paid for by the bed tax. I pay for infrastructure. Just ask FPL. I am paying for their new nuke plant.

If it is such a good deal let Broward pay for it.

Klean said...

love this blog, but sometimes i swear you're being non-conformists for hell of it.

Genius, your home lighting does not bring in tourists. just look at what happened last week when Bama and ND played at Joe Robbie. The city was a mad house. Every restaurant was full and tourists were leaving their money behind.

private companies get incentivies all the time when they produce public benefits.

one point we agree on: if Ross isn't willing to pony up most of the cost, you're right. he can take a hike.


Geniusofdespair said...

I didn't write about home lighting.

Anonymous said...

As far as the "We don't want to subsidize Billionaires" motto...

If Pfizer wanted to open up a Biomedical research facility in Miami-Dade, the State, County, and City would line up around the block to subsidize the facility. If Mercedes wanted to build cars here, we would subsidize it.

We give out subsides all the time to attract and/or maintain businesses owned by billionaires and millionaires all the time.

You don't think we're bending over backwards to do all we can to accommodate American Airlines?


Anonymous said...

Simply look at how much money the Dolphins contributed to the slush funds of county commissioners this past election, Read: Jordan, Barreiro, Moss etc... And you will know exactly how they will vote on this issue. They have been massaging these pols for the last year with their dirty money and now it's payback time. Just gross.

Geniusofdespair said...

M. Come on, I know who you work for.

Geniusofdespair said...

Readers - Be aware that some of these comments are coming from the very people trying to push this farce down our throats.

Let us vote on it lobbyist shills. Try to convince the public instead of these pliable commissioners you have been packing with campaign dollars.

David said...

How the vote will go, my predictions:

Moss, Jordan, Edmonson and Barreiro Will hem and haw and then vote vendetta (will do opposite of whatever Norman Braman wants).

Diaz: Ripe for a recall will be absent or vote for a referendum.

Suarez: The make up of his constituent base will force him to support a referendum or
he will be absent. He owes Braman.

Bell: Same as Suarez if she is smart.

Souto will support a referendum.

Heyman will support a referendum.

Sosa will vote on it with caveats that don't matter except in her own head and the lobbyists that feed her the caveats.

Zapata will vote however Sosa votes. Get some cojones Juan.

WOOF said...

The Dolphins are an asset to its owner. Taxpayers raising the teams value. For a price the Dolphins will change hands.

If the fans won't pay the new higher ticket prices (and you know they're coming on the heels of the fleecing), the team will leave.

Think of all the teams of yesteryear that are someplace else.
The man with the mask is not the Lone Ranger Kemosabe.

Anonymous said...

Point #1, Ross needs to talk to his co-owners, Serena Williams, Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and J-Lo, let them pony up some cash.
What were they thinking when Ross gave them part of the team, it wasn't going to cost anything? Time to kick in wannabe sports owners!

Point #2, If the stadiums of both the Marlins and Dolphins were full this conversation would not be happening. The Dolphins will not put a great product on the field as evidenced by the Marlins, why should they? The county commission will bail everyone out. Samson, Beinfest, Loria, Ireland, Dee and Ross are interchangeable pieces of sports incompetence. The one difference is the Marlins got lucky twice with chemistry and then intentionally threw out the formula. The Dolphins haven't a clue.

Geniusofdespair said...

David: Interested to see how accurate you are. depends on how much clout Norman Braman has. The clash of the billionaires, I see a Bravo reality hit here.

Geniusofdespair said...

David you forgot Monestime.

Anonymous said...

And Bovo. Monestime will vote how Ron Book says he should.

Squathole said...

25 years of studies show that public investments into sports arenas benefit nobody but the owners. They want these improvements, they need to pay for them, and recoup their investment by charging $12 for a warm beer instead of $10. It's football, ferchrissake. Spend money on educating kids, fixing the roads, and publicly flogging corrupt politicians.

Genius: I'd love to weigh in on this more but I'm old and blind and can't spend another 15 minutes fucking with this Captcha bullshit proving I'm not a goddam robot.

gcbron said...

Squathole is correct, numerous studies have shown that public investment in sports arenas benefit the owners and not the community. We need look no further than the area surrounding Marlins Stadium. All the local community has received are more parking restrictions. They can't even find tenants for the retail space at Marlin's Stadium.

Let the community vote on this!

Anonymous said...

Miami Dade County already has invested a ton of money into the stadium. Who paid for and maintains the highways, overpasses, sewer, water, electrical, airports, etc... Without these investments the owners would have a stadium sitting out in the middle of a field. You own it you pay for it. We have done our part already.