Sunday, January 06, 2013

Who Will Chair The County Committees? By Geniusofdespair

County Commission Chair Rebeca Sosa has made appointments to her 8 Committees. Remember she has 12 fellow commissioners so 4 are without a chairmanship. It sort of is a reflection on who she likes/can depend on for votes, who gets the chair:

Cultural Affairs & Recreation Committee:
Javier Souto

Economic Development & Port of Miami Committee:
Lynda Bell  (the League of Cities and the Beacon Council have to work with her)

Finance Committee:
Esteban Bovo

Health and Social Services:
Audrey Edmonson

Infrastructure & Capital Improvements
Juan Zapata (this is interesting, he  is NEW and gets a chairmanship)

Land Use & Development Committee
Pepe Diaz (this is an important committee but I am sure Pepe would have wanted Aviation)

Public Safety & Animal Services
Sally Heyman

Transportation & Aviation Committee
Dennis Moss

Who is left out of the chairmanships of committees:
Barbara Jordan, Jean Monestime, Bruno Barreiro, Xavier Suarez

Coincidentally, this is who DID NOT support Sosa to be Chair:
Barbara Jordan, Jean Monestime, Bruno Barreiro, Xavier Suarez, Audrey Edmonson, Dennis Moss


Anonymous said...

She was forced to make some black appointments or all hell would have broken loose in the community. Dennis Moss got a plum assignment.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Moss' wife, Margaret Moss has worked at the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department for years... In procurement.

Anonymous said...

It's incredible how much power these people have. AND THIS is NOT a partisan committee as in Republican and Democrat. The City of Miami works the same way. That why i want Denis Rod for City of Miami Commissioner as soon as Francis gets elected Mayor. We need people who care about people!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The political issues are getting bigger and bigger. We need more people like Denis Rod in the commissioner because he cares about what goes on in our city and he also he helps our citizens.

Anonymous said...

Denis Rod????? You got to be kidding.... More of the same mafia.....

Anonymous said...

Mama June Bell?

Eco Dev/Port?

Hahaha, y'all!

Ollie said...

How is that every black commissioner voted for the black candidate for chair and against the Hispanic candidate?

Can you spell R A C I S T?

Rebeca should tell those black racist commissioners to go pound sand.

The Jolly Antichrist said...

Anonymous = Julia Benavides, Denis Rod's P.R. Person.

Anonymous said...

The committee chair decisions by Sosa ensures there will be no Commission policy initiatives during the Administration of Mayor Gimenez-Osterholdt:

*Souto will have another Cow Show at Tropical Park and the award-winning Parks Master Plan will sit on a shelf
*The Beacon Council will do a dance and Bell will not make any changes to their operations (Mayor Gimenez-Osterholdt is co-chair of the Beacon Council's One Community / One Goal program)
*Bovo handling the Budget will guarantee Mayor Gimenez-Osterholdt will have his way on the annual appropriations process without any serious challenges
*Edmonson thinks Migoya walks on water and will not question anything he does at the Public Health Trust
*Zapata, as a newbie, will not make any waves, which will allow Mayor Gimenez-Osterholdt to only address the most critical infrastructure issues
*Diaz will not have much to do regarding the dormant building industry, and will allow Mayor Gimenez-Osterholdt to continue to erode all environmental regulations
*Heyman will spend most of her time talking about cats and dogs and never question why Gimenez-Osterholdt has not appointed a Police Chief
*Moss will not embarrass anyone as Chair of Transportation

There will be much more interesting policy discussions in Doral, the City of Miami, Miami Beach, the School Board, or even Sweetwater during the next two years. The Giminez-Osterholdt Administration is all about "managing the in-box" and waiting for the next crisis. The entire payroll of the County is marking time towards retirement...boring, boring, boring.

Anonymous said...

The jolly antichrist = Tomas Regalado puppets.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the blog and lady from Broward should allow the comments to be posted = benefit for the community.

Anonymous said...

Denis Rod mafia??? Is it not enough the corruption you have the current elected officials.... As in fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, brothers, mothers and sons, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mafia??? Diaz de la Portilla 3 brothers.88 Sweetwater mayor and the mother commissioner. Miami mayor and school board member daughter. Diaz Balart 2 brothers. etc, etc. What happen there is no talent in this county. Lets get rid of these mafias puppets.

Anonymous said...

FYI watch for Pepe's moves on with the Bacardi family on that Calusa Club deal he is all over that!!! And Newbie Zapata with GT construction driving him all over like he drives Gimenez!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ollie,

Supporting a candidate for Chair who happens to have a similar skin color does not make someone a racist. Many people believe Barbara Jordan was the best qualified candidate for Chair, and would have done an excellent job leading the Commission.

The fact that Sosa did not receive the support of two Cuban-Americans, one Haitian, and three black colleagues reveals her lack of universal support.

Your racist labeling perhaps reveals more about you than the thought processes of our elected representatives.