Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Who Gave To Ana Alliegro's Campaign in 2001. By Geniusofdspair

 Self-proclaimed "Republican Bad Girl", Ana Alliegro ran for office in 2001, long before her misdeeds with former U. S. Representative, David Rivera.

In 2001 the limit for campaign contributions was $250 and corporate donations were not allowed. It looks like Alliegro took advantage of the public financing available then as there were plenty of $15 donations.  Here are some of the people who gave to Ana Alliegro's campaign (against Rebeca Sosa for County Commissioner). Even then, they should have known better, I don't think she changed her spots that much:

Urbano A. Calderin
Jorge De la Osa
Karen Brimmer
Michael S. Cohen
Sean N. Ellsworth
The Panza family (Dana, Dottie, Jewel, Thomas and Justin)
Robert Rossano
Daniel J. Quinn
Juan Carlos Bermudez (Former Mayor of Doral)
Lawrence R. Hawkins
Ada Bejar (Radio Personality)
Angel de la Portilla
Carlos Nillo
Rosa Nillo
Charles C. Pappy III
Esther De La O
Jeanette Nunez (State Rep.)
Miguel de la Portilla  (Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's address, State Senator now)
Miguel Diaz
Renier Diaz
John Selig
Michael S. Cohen
William Rubin

Ana is reported to have dated Alex Diaz de la Portilla. That might account for Renier and Miguel's contributions. By looking at this campaign data, it is obvious that the usual suspects stood clear of Ana Alliegro. As a strong Republican party advocate, it is surprising she couldn't even get the contributions of the Republican elite. Rebeca Sosa won easily (59.7% to Ana's 31.4%) and even though I didn't see Rebeca's campaign report, I know who was on it by virtue of their absence in Alliegro's report.

Kevin Stein was Alliegro's consultant. Raul Nillo was working for her and she was renting space from him.


Anonymous said...

"Ana is reported to have dated Alex Diaz de la Portilla." ?????
Are you kidding or are you really pretending to be clueless? How long have you been doing this? OF COURSE they were together - and it was no secret - they were a well-known political couple attending many political functions together, both here and in Tally.

Another piece of the puzzle you ignore, although it was open and well-known is that Ana worked in Joe Garcia's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Larry Hawkins: now there's a real piece of s&$/