Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Power of Ron Book. By Geniusofdespair

This is how Miami Dade County Commissioner see Lobbyist Ron Book
This is how the public views Lobbyist Ron Book - A Bully
You will see the power of lobbyist Ron Book on display at the County Commission later today. He is the top lobbyist for the insane Sun Life Stadium, Marlin Dolphin vote today. No match for Beyonce, watch some of the commissioners lip sync Book's words. Only Book will have the power of persuasion and the silver tongue to turn a REALLY BAD DEAL into sounding like a good one...for us. We are not that stupid Ron but apparently the Commission is, to even entertain public financing for a Multi Billionaire. There are other lesser known lobbyists, such as Brian May, working the County Commission.

Don't be fooled again Commissioners. Get out of the dark side. The superbowl is an insignificant sham in this argument. Put an end to this today: Make no approvals/changes/urgings by increments. Cut it off at the knees.

Moss and Bovo will speak first as they are on the pull list. I was told it is time certain for 11:30 1:30. Watch the meeting.

Listening to meeting now: Sally Heyman wants to move the meeting from 11:30 to 1:30.  Xavier Suarez said he can't be there at 1:30 but he said "Go ahead and change it"???  The time was changed to 1:30. Why did they change it for Sally and Suarez had no problem with that even though he couldn't make the later meeting.  He didn't want to be there I guess. Is it that he doesn't want to anger Braman, a supporter of his so he would rather duck out?  That was bad as far as I am concerned. Suarez was supporting a public vote on the ballpark money, Suarez should have been there to make an argument.

Read Miami New Times on this same subject:

"In total, Ross (Marlins Dolphins owner) raised $71,600 for Gimenez and the four county commissioners in the last election. "

UPDATE: TIME CERTAIN AT 1:30? IT IS 1:56....nothing. What do they think the public does all day wait for them? I guess I am the only idiot out here. What exactly does time certain mean: any time.


Anonymous said...

Xavier Suarez is a piece of work. How did we get stuck with him. He has ducked out of more votes than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

We need to look for who speaks in favor, then focus on watching them for the money payoff.

Al Crespo said...

Watch Xavier from now till September. His votes and his actions will be colored on how they might affect his son's run for Mayor of Miami. Not only directly, but how he and Jr. perceive that Regalado and his gang will use what Daddy does against Jr.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what needs to change for commissioners that are for the people, not welfare for billionaires?!

Also, as one of my neighborhood residents said, 'Ron Book needs therapy' (relating to the homeless sex offenders and the incident with his daughter...). Also unfortunate that a lobbyist has $1 million to spend on a wedding.

Anonymous said...

Ron Book would lobby to put a toxic waste dump on Flagler and Biscayne Blvd if the fee was large enough. (The clowns on the commission would vote for it to.)

Anonymous said...

sincere question: Why do gov't officials listen to what Ron Book says and do what he wants?
Is it solely for the re-election campaign money? Do they get anything else from him? if all they're doing is voting on things for him to get him to pay for them to stay in office so they can vote on things for him, what's the point? Big egos?

Anonymous said...

Elected officials love getting elected. They are addicts. They know money can get them elected even if they make stupid and possibly criminal decisions.