Thursday, January 17, 2013

Juan Zapata Weighs in on FPL Zoning Application to Build 2 Nukes. By Geniusofdespair

I asked County Commissioner Juan Zapata why he supported the FPL zoning application. He said that FPL had asked for the reuse back in 07. "The fact that Commissioner Moss supported FPL led me to give them the benefit of the doubt. It was a tough vote but FPL has little wiggle room in the future as far as I'm concerned."

Here is a video of Juan Zapata at the January 10th hearing. He made an interesting argument at the meeting, that we are taking water from our aquifer but sending the electricity generated elsewhere in South Florida. Zapata asked if the application gave FPL permission to tap into the aquifer, in fact, giving them permission that they didn't have before. Zapapta was told that was correct. That alone should have earned FPL a big fat no vote by Zapata and others. Good question but no results. We all should be asking: Why is FPL tapping into our aquifer? Maybe we should pay for a stadium for them while we are at it.

Link to video


Anonymous said...

Very good i am surprised with his questioning but very good

Anonymous said...

They should be asking why we in Miami Dade County are taking all of the nuclear risk with 4 reactors when we are supplying other counties with electricity. Let's share the risk guys.

Anonymous said...

The BCC has it is up to Strong Mayor Gimenez. VETO!!!!!!! The 10-day period is almost up.

Anonymous said...

Commissioners and Mr. Mayor, I know you are reading this. I am pro nuke energy and anti-putting these at TP. But those nukes need to go somewhere else due to water concerns. If the cost of water finishing is 3-4 times what it is now (i.e., via Desalization) thousands of small businesses will fail as a result.

As a point of fact, energy is not sold to Miami Dade; it is sold to the grid. Lots of energy is used over the state line.

Creating energy is a product our state can and should be proud of, but not at the cost of losing our water and spoiling Biscayne Bay and thus stressing the tourism engine of this area. Mr. Grosso would be correct here.