Wednesday, January 16, 2013

George Cavros Does A Reality Check on FPL NUKES. By Gimleteye

Link to Video.

George Cavros' testimony: "To the extent that the company has represented
that this power plant is important for the continuation of reliable
electricity ... before the State of Florida, FPL has been questioned on intent
to build the  2 additional Turkey Point Nuclear Power plants: He says FPL has not made final decision ... all they are doing is pursuing NRC permitting ... this is all speculative.

In other words George Cavros is saying that FPL hasn't even decided if they are going to build the 2 additional plants, based on Public Service Commission testimony, even though we are already being charged for them.

He also says there is vast energy efficiency potential to help people reduce energy consumption and save money ... FPL does not even break into top 100 utilities in offering customers opportunities to conserve energy."


David said...

1. What is Miami Herald reporter Chuck Rabin doing in the background?

2. This guy makes good points on the speculative nature of FPL's request.

Geniusofdespair said...

Yes, why isn't Chuck taking notes on this?

Anonymous said...

Why are they building speculative nukes (with our money) if they aren't helping folks reduce their energy use?