Friday, December 07, 2012

We got a Shout Out from CBS 4. By Geniusofdespair

It appears my graphic of Property Appraiser Pedro Garcia as a baby is a hit. CBS Channel 4 News used it:

"If the word childish comes to mind, the blog Eye on Miami has gone to great length to demonstrate it. The site features a picture of a baby with Garcia’s face, who’s 75, attached to the baby body."

Apparently Pedro Garcia is, oddly, using it as his screen saver.

Let's go to video tape Eye On Miami is near the beginning:


C.L.J. said...

Nobody can accuse Mr. Garcia of being bright.

Anonymous said...

Pedro Garcia should have used prices from foreclosure sales and short sales as "market prices". Someone needs to tell the staffers at the Property Appraisers Office to be professional and to stop inflating their numbers just to collect more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Pedro is a descent man. It must be frustrating to see a person like Cantera take over who's only intention is to warm up the seat and seek higher office.

Cecil said...

You will be making similar funny photos of Lopez Cantera within the next 4 years. I also agree with prior comments that criticized Garcia for being the only Property Appraiser in the state to ignore the sales prices of homes sold in foreclosure. It was a ridiculous position that still has me scratching my head. What was in it for Garcia?

By the way, I first learned of Garcia's absurd foreclosure policy through this website. You or your buddy Gimleteye questioned why the property records showed Natacha Seijas' condo was being shown in the datebase at a different selling price than the actual selling price. We had no choice but to get rid of Garcia for that dishonest practice. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Geniusofdespair said...

My post.

Anonymous said...

I am now understanding Mr. Garcia motive for not leaving office and not letting Mr. Cantera and his transition team into the tax assessors office.He stated in the Herald that Mr. Cantera should work with his second in command. Mr. Cantera is the new tax assessor he should be working with Pedro Garcia. Mr. Garcia what other favors ex. high balling and low balling properties for other politicians, family and friends you have given favors. Its going to be interesting to see if you gave any of the other commissioners special consideration. Especialy, those that have taken photographs with you. Mr. Cantera I am sure you will run that office with kindness and professionalism.