Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reading for the Eve of the End of the World, "The Testament of Mary" ... by gimleteye

My favorite novel of the year is by Irish writer Colm Toibin; a slim, 90 page rendering of the thoughts of the mother of Jesus, 20 years after his death and as she confronts her own mortality at Ephesus, in exile. Mary recounts both her love and alienation from her son, and the terrible emotions of a mother who feels that she could have done more to protect him. In its modesty, the book feels especially relevant today because from all directions, we are assaulted by immodest certainty attached to convictions of faith. You can buy "Testament of Mary" online at Books and Books.

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Anonymous said...

Still here. Don't know if that means we are out of the shadows.

Ugly day though. Fitting weather for the first day of winter.

Looks like snow, sleet or something.