Monday, December 17, 2012

Homeland: Season Two ... by gimleteye

So there. The finale is over, with Brodie trudging off into the Canadian woods in the pitch dark. The CIA is in shambles, Langley's auditorium is blown to bits with two hundred dead. Carrie drives back to DC (apparently in record time!) to join up withthe last CIA man standing, Saul Berenson. Saul, who happened to be on a US naval vessel witnessing the burial at sea of the terrorist, Abu Nazir, when the bomb went off stands in a large hanger (?) with two hundred bodies neatly lined in rows on the floor, covered with sheets, when Carrie materializes. (Sub-plot, Saul's estranged wife is coming home!)

Did I give away too much?

The second season of Homeland, to my way of thinking, stretched credulity. But we have enough reality, don't we. The unanswered question: where do we turn on Sunday nights?


Anonymous said...

Can you pack any more spoilers into that one paragraph? Really.

miaexile said...

isn't season 3 going to be about who moved Brody's car? at the least, I'd like to know :) as it has to be someone with clearance to get into the CIA parking lot, no?

Anonymous said...

, Brody did it. He was programmed while imprisoned and really is a terrorist! The third season will be Carrie finding others like him about to do harm.